Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Return (Part 1)

Jokla! Pupunta ako manila 27,28 , & 29, make sure off ka! Labas tayo!

Yes sat mon off namin nila jojo rakel. Yes! Kaka excite. Cya!

Sure!! Missya!

28 ako sure, sat yan diba?

Just text me.

Hi thad! Is this 4 real? Cge, off kmi ng 28 para mit tau!

Vake! Am not sure f am off d entire 3 days, coz I jst strd with production. Bt of corz u cn stay w me! Yey!

Cno to?
(Oops, probably forgot to inform her when I changed my number)

My reply: Si Dorina, and bituing walang ningning!!

My thumb was numb from pressing the tiny keypad of my cell. It was almost 10pm when the task was done. My plane ticket is on the night stand and my clothes neatly pressed on top of my backpack. Ready to depart in about … 21 days! I know, I know, but I’m just that obsessive.

It’s almost been a year and a half since my shift in career, and I doubt if Makati changed at all. I certainly have. I’m going back to do one last task before I completely close this chapter- I’ll have my tattoos removed. I considered what people close to me have said- some say it should remain, and some, its time to for it to go.

It was almost dawn, and the incandescent glow of the streetlight filtered through my curtains. I was lying on my back, rationalizing and thinking a mile a minute. And finally it came to me: what makes me, is not on the outside; and although this ink on my skin was indeed an expression of my personality, erasing it won’t mean I’d be erasing my past. Finally content, I drifted off to sleep.

My cell buzzed all morning as I made plans with my old friends, my former team, and old dates. Just thinking about them brought a flood of memories, especially of my twin sister aka hag. Tatat and I, we have been room mates way back in the days. She was one of my favorite Galera companions (remember the Look of Love?), and always a hoot to be with. It was a weekly ritual for us to buy something outrageous from YRYS, and as I fold my shirts I pick up my pasalubong for her and slid it inside the bag.

With a mixture of anticipation and nostalgia, I wait.


Anonymous said...

muni muni ha,thadie? Lets c how i can put ur itenerary in my "BC sked' heheheh...(lol!). Thad, email me naman ur cell no... malay mo i might treat u sa starbucks, hehehe... cge na nga w/ur hag...

Phoenix said...

@ josh: yey! hehe Tatat and I will be all over the place ; ) just like old times. We'd love to meet ya

Phoenix said...

@ josh: what's your e-mail add pala?

Anonymous said...

thad, sori ha tagal ko sagot... here's my addy,

Mukhang papalit palit tayo ng photos it ;-)


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