Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Emancipation Celebrates its Second Month

Two queers were lying on a white sand beach sipping ice-cold Margaritas.
Q1: "Bakla, two months na daw ang Emancipation of Thadie."
Q2: "Yes, mother! At ang chika daw, malapit nang mag 10,000 hits ang blog na itetch."
Q1 takes a demure sip, and licks the salt on the rim.
Q1: "At least may nagbabasa sa blog nya."
Q2: "Korek! Kahit papano diba. Nakita mo yung Globetracker? Ava, read in over 34 countries daw."
Q1: "Hmmph, baka naman isang beses lang na-view sa isang bansa. Tingnan mo naman yung ibang countries 0.07% sa distribution diba?"
Q2: "Pero in fairness, marami ang nagbabasa dito sa 'Pinas, US, UAE, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India, at Canada. And it looks like perennial visitors yung iba."
Q1 and Q2 turns to the side (para even yung tan! in 15 minutes, yung kabila naman).
Q1: "Bongga kung ganon. Totoo ba yung chika na i-publish daw yung ibang articles?"
Q2: "Rumor has it, that 4 articles might make it to a local publication."
Q1: "Sana nga, para naman may boses yung gay and lesbian community this side of the country. Siguro maganda at fearless yung ed in chief dun ano? (hehe, Hi Steph!)"
Q2: "Mismo."
Jon Mullaly, wearing a white speedo, walks by.
Jon: "Hi ladies." He smiles.
The two queers melt, form a puddle, and suddenly a large scallop shell emerges. The shell opens, and out comes Thad (the Birth of Venus ang drama).
Jon: "Will you marry me?"
Thad: "Yes!!" He leaps into Jon's arms and he carries him away.
Narrator: And they lived happily ever after.
Jon: "Happy Anniversay, baby."


Anonymous said...

THADIE! Congratulations for two solid months of blogging!

Hala, lapit ka na balik metro... Basta sa TRINOMA kita ilibot w/ur hag ha... C U!


Congratulations Thadie. Has it just been 2 months? It seems like you've been blogging forever. Keep blogging!

Phoenix said...

@ Josh: Thanks Josh ; ) We're excited to meet with you!

@ Misterhubs: Thanks Mr H!! I'm really not buying your blogging haitus ; ) You love blogging so much I bet you'll have a post in about 7 hours from now.

6:59:00 hours till Mr H's next post

I remember before I had a blog I would follow your PNTM reviews and they really helped inspire me to pick up a pen again (or in this case type up stuff in my laptop)..


still waiting ; )


Hehe. I can't help. I'm a blogging addict. Help! :-)

cant_u_read said...

congratulations on your 2nd month!

and best wishes on your married life! :-)

Phoenix said...

@ misterhubs: I knew it! ; ) hehe

@ cant_u_read: Thanks Rye! My hyperactive imagination tells me Jon and I are going to be married for a long time = )

Reyville said...

Wow, CONGRATZ. Anong publication ito?

Phoenix said...

@ reyville: Thanks! = ) I'll inform you guys when it's actually printed na ; )

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Hands down to you! Kuya (o pwede ate?), it is our honor to have your works printed in our humble paper. We don't deserve to have your writings placed alongside ours. I guess you must be the best thing that happened to the publication and i was just lucky enough to be at the helm when you trotted along just when i was looking for materials with a little spice. Apparently it was divine intervention that drove me to view your blog. And the rest is history. I swear you'd be the first person i'd hand a copy if it's finally finished! Congratz! Can't believe it's just been two months. This blog has been very much a part of my life as it has been to yours. I know i've been saying this for the nth time, but i want to say thank you again. And again. You're definitely the sprinkle of magic dust that the binhi needed for it to finally sprout.

PS "maganda and fearless"? Thanks!;)Syempre just like you!


-=mink_blink=- said...

uyyy mukhang me celebration dito, congrats thadie, hope for more interesting posts to cum! este come!!


Milandra said...

Frankly, you've made some impressive and some non-sense blog entries. Precisely, I enjoy reading your blog. However, I feel something is lacking in it but I dunno what exactly.

Phoenix said...

@ Steph: I'm so excited ; ) I'll wait for the copy

@ mink_blink: Hopefully ; ) Thanks mink

@ milandra: Thanks for the feedback ; ) I have always contemplated on the reasons why I blog- and it always boiled down to self-expression. Accolades are always a plus = ) but nevertheless I always keep in mind that I'm doing this for myself, not to fish for compliments. I try to improve and bring out "what readers want", but then again the fire in my writing is in my honesty; these life experiences as seen through my own eyes. So whether its a serious post, a silly one, or a downright ridiculous one- I feel that it will bring a different flavor to the blogging world (as much as any blog does ; ) So let's raise a glass to unrestrained self-expression, and to our growth as writers = )

Kai Santorino said...

Congrats Thadie!

Phoenix said...

@ kai santorino: Thanks Kai!! ; )


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