Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros

I've searched the net for a video clip of my favorite character Maxie, but I could only find a copy of the movie poster. I realize now what made this film so unforgettable for me- I remember my own blossoming way back in high school, and mind you, our hunky neighbor who was my crush looked like JR Valentin (who plays the cop, Maxie's love interest).
So as Maxie steals a glace at JR, who puts on his briefs after his shower, I am reminded of the kilig feeling I had when I accidentally, passing by their house, see him in his room through the window wearing only white briefs. I was about first year or second year high school, and he was in college I believe. Haaay.
Maxie lives in the slums with his two brothers and his father (who are all petty criminals). With the absence of his mother, Maxie takes on the role of the female of the family, taking care of the men and doing the household chores. Victor, a handsome rookie cop, rescues Maxie like a knight in shining armor as he is teased by neighborhood bullies. The two soon became friends.
Trouble starts when one of Maxie's brothers accidentally kills a man during a hold-up incident that went ugly. Victor suspects one of Maxie's brothers as the killer and pressures Maxie to spill the beans. Maxie's brothers are fiercely protective of Maxie, and they decide to beat up Victor amidst Maxie's protests. Maxie goes to Victor's house and attend to him, mending his wounds. The next morning, the shower incident I mentioned earlier happens. Maxie prepares breakfast for Victor and then kisses him on the cheek (kilig!). I always laugh at the next scene, where Maxie does a cartwheel, seeing that look of being in love plastered on his sweet young face.
Maxie writes a love letter and confesses his feelings to Victor. Sadly, the letter is not well received and Victor dismisses it as nonsense. The hunt for his brother intensifies, and Maxie's loyalty is torn between his beloved family and Victor. In the climax of the movie, Maxie's father gets shot and dies, in an encounter with the cops (which included Victor), with Maxie looking on.
The final scene shows Maxie, preparing for school, while his older brothers do the chores he once did. He walks to school, and suddenly Victor cruises by in his jeep. He stops the vehicle, and steps out, with a look in his face like he wants to speak with Maxie and console him. But Maxie just walks on, without looking back.
Ah, the pain of lost love. Nathan Lopez is brilliant as the 12 year old Maxie, in this film about lost innocence.


-=mink_blink=- said...

interesting... never had a chance to watch this film...

Phoenix said...

@mink_blink: Find a copy Quick!! Sobrang ganda!


I'm probably the only person who didn't like this movie at all. Its technical aspects, specifically the sound and editing, sucked. At point, I could barely hear the dialogue.

I also didn't find Max's acting believable. Not gay or flamboyant enough for me. And I wasn't particularly moved by the story. The movie's only saving grace for me is seeing the cop in his undies.

Phoenix said...

@ misterhubs: true, jr valentin was hot! ; ) i'm not too particular with the technical aspects.. the moment the scene when maxie snuck a peek at the cop came on, it was as if it was me and my first crush in there hahaha! the movie brought back that feeling..

filhombre said...

I watched this movie in Netflix. A story of an effiminate boy in love with a cop. Family will always shield its member no matter what. The movie is not so great probably it lacks artistry. I rated this movie 2 star out of 5 because of its poor production.


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