Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calling All Sisters!!

Instructor: "The sixth dimension of wellness is sexuality. Males should act like males, females should act like females. Males who act and dress like females, or males who feel like females are more on the illness side."
Thad (almost having a coronary, after a fever spike): What?! Saang reference naman nakuha 'to?
Ok, that didn't happen. Instead I just sat there furious at myself for not speaking up. But aside from upholding my beauty queen poise and composure, I wanted a thorough research to back up my statements. Which is why I am writing this.
I know for a fact that homosexuality has long been struck off the list of deviant behavior, but do any of you guys know specific sources I could use (preferably available online)?
I will be using my pen, of course to subtly express my point (you won't see me walking down the halls with a bolo ala Gabriela Silang ; ) So please, please my sisters in arms- if you have any material that would be useful, I'd be extremely grateful. Leave a comment here or email me at thadhinunangan@gmail.com
Thanks in advance!
xx Thad


Anonymous said...


alam kong as early as the late '70's, the American Psychiatric Association has already removed homosexuality from their list of mental illness.

your prof's comment is a drawback from the miseducation of the past.

am not sure though if the APA has an online site. i did read that though in a book in relation to a research paper i was doing in college. alam kong sa cswcd lib ko nakita yun eh

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: I've checked the APA website and I think they have the articles I need.

The initial wave of outrage had passed, thank goodness. I am much calmer now, pero I feel this is hanging in the air until I clear it out.

I don't want to cause any trouble, pero I just can't bear the thought that this will go on.

Mark Xander said...

Actually, Thad, your instructor was sort of "right".. He wasn't talking about gay people. I think he was talking about transsexuals and transgendered people. Gender Dysphoria is really a mental "illness" (read below):


The current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has five criteria that must be met before a diagnosis of gender identity disorder (302.85) can be given:[2]

1. There must be evidence of a strong and persistent cross-gender identification.

2. This cross-gender identification must not merely be a desire for any perceived cultural advantages of being the other sex.

3. There must also be evidence of persistent discomfort about one's assigned sex or a sense of inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex.
4. The individual must not have a concurrent physical intersex condition (e.g., androgen insensitivity syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia).

5. There must be evidence of clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.


*This "mental illness" is then "corrected" by a procedure we know as sex reassignment (SRS). I know the term "illness" irks many. I wait for a time when a better term is utilized to describe those who have gender dysphoria.

Homosexuals are different from transsexuals. I know one thing for sure: I never wanted to be a girl and get offended when people call me "sister", "girl", etc.

Richard Lionheart said...

Hehe :)

May nakasagot na pala...

Goodluck na lang sa iyo...

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: That was an interesting article Markie, but I don't think he was specifically refering to Gender Dysphoria. Such statements like what was said are delicate and should be taken with utmost care as not to offend anyone. Each individual may be entitled to their prejudices, but endorsing them is another story. I think that was what set me off. Either an educator takes extreme caution and be gender sensitive, making sure statements are backed off by research and facts and not personal biases, or just shut up and not tread on the topic at all.

@ lionheart: Thanks, I'll need it. I think the challenge is expressing myself without offending the instructor, something he failed at when those statements he said were made.

Phoenix said...

I think this discussion is an interesting one, because it enables us to look into the scientific facts about homosexuality.. Few people of aware of these facts, which is why discrimination, stereotyping, and maltreatment still exists for gay people.

Mark Xander said...

Well, you're right about him having to be careful about stuff like that.. I mean, he's an instructor after all.

It's terms like "nigga", "fag", "tranny" and "dyke" that's making the world go crazy.

Indeed, he must be sensitive. Are you sure he was referring to gay people? He needs a spanking from me! On second thought, he might like it.. ;)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Tell me where that bitch lives and I'll slap her with my Chanel handbag 'til the logo is imprinted on her face! That's how I'd deal with it.

Phoenix said...

@ john halcyon von rothschild: Haha! Now that's how a Diva would respond. Thanks for the tip ; )

Anonymous said...

hmmmn, thad, when u were in P Ups, did u in anyway included in ur elective Sex& Culture (101) with Dr. Philip Tan (err, yup sya nga yun, he also writes in Phil. daily inquirer)????

As i remembered, his class was one (almost all of us Philo students did,hehehe) very sought after Elective!

Wala lang po, i just am glad dat i took his subject where we discussed everything from gender to sexual practices arouhd d world and must say his one honorable & respectful Prof compared to ur present mentor -- shuutz! :-(

Phoenix said...

@ josh: unfortunately, we're not as fortunate now.. ; ) Nope, i never had a class with dr. tan back in diliman

eon said...

wow, this is an interesting blog read.

i'm gonna be a frequent visitor.

Phoenix said...

@ eon: aww you are too kind. Thanks! ; ) Let's link = )


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