Friday, February 29, 2008

Sta. Fe, Leyte Community Extension

My toes wiggled inside my black rubber boots, under six inches of mud. At 10:30 am today, I found myself trudging a swamp-like area towards the scattering of houses beyond the rice fields of Brgy. Victoria.

I grumbled under my breath, and clutched my hands tighter on my book while I balanced my umbrella. I was assigned the task of a spot-mapper, together with a classmate. We followed the BHW in silence.

In the blistering heat, we went from house to house. Maybe if I had taken my breakfast I wouldn’t be too irritable, maybe if I had more sleep I’d be less grumpy, or maybe if I didn’t have to wear these heavy boots I’d be more comfortable. But today wasn’t about our comfort; we were here to do community work.

I swallowed my complaints and hurried along.

Here we go...


First house.

With our BHW guide.

Kinarir ang itim na payong. The road less travelled.
Seryoso! lol

Tama na ang pagpa-picture..
The group walking past a cow.
Where's the toilet? Teka, eto na yata yun.
A lady and her husband (not in the pic) busy constructing their house.
A mountain of paperwork..
Finally home = )


Mark Xander said...

First! Hehehe. Nice

mink said...

awww, naalala ko yung buhay sa bukidlandia sa batangas...

cant_u_read said...

haaaaaaayy... the bliss in the simplicity of provincial life! na-miss ko bigla ang summers namin in the province, back in the day.

Phoenix said...

@ rye: sobrang peaceful dun ; )

cant_u_read said...

ganyan ang gusto kong puntahan na probinsya. hindi ung kagaya ng cebu, iloilo o ung iba pang halos manila na rin ang itsura.


thanks for sharing! :-)

Marco said...

Haayyy, i miss community health nursing.... fresh air, free fruits and foods, health teachings..... i have nice experience during those days....

chase / chubz said...

may umbrella talaga ha.. hehheheh..
ay uu nga may ulan pala..

ardee sean said...

cute ni baby...


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