Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bits and Pieces of My Day

Checking vital signs of Lola Corazon. Lola Beatrice (who usually begged in downtown Tacloban) had been missing since January.
Having a meal. All smiles si Lola! Kahapon kasi, nung nag snack kami biglang umiyak siya. Our Theology project is done, but I think I'd check on her from time to time.
Gavin playing while his Mom looks on.
"What's for dinner?"
Isara ang ref!
Saying goodbye to my old black shoes I've had for three years.
President slash photocopier boy: stapling xerox copies for the class.

Sacred Heart Novena held at our house. Kainan afterwards!
Sumasayaw na.
This kid is a carbon copy of my brother.
Playing with Nanay's plants
Picking up stones from the driveway.
Gavin and Impostor, our cat.
Nanay and Gavin.


cedeux said...

hey thad! napadaan po.
i really have a soft heart pagdating sa matatanda.
its great of you to see her.
keep it up=]

gavin makes me want to have my own
pamangkin... the wonders of having a child sa bahay! nakakaalis ng stress.=]

ingats ka plagi thad.

Phoenix said...

cedeux: Me too! The old people, lalo na yung palaboy medyo sad kasi they really have stories- as in may pamilya sila dati.. I hope I keep seeing Lola Corazon. sa Sto Nino church sya palagi..

Gavin is a hoot! = ) Take care din ; )

Mark Xander said...

I do hope they find her soon. I'm in love with Impostor!

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: last I heard they were heading to ormoc daw.. yup impostor's quite lovely lalo na when she was younger when we took her in = )

Mink said...

un pamangkin mo, mukhang hearthrob din ah!


chase / chubz said...

kawawa talaga cla lolo at lola noh.
i have an experience with home for the aged diay.. heheh..
i'll blog about it later..

jze said...


i've ben reading your blog dati pa, i realized familiar ka, and as i read all your entries, na realize ko nakikita pala kita dati sa floor sa infonxx... pero d ako nagtagal dun, mga 4 months lang ata, kasi nag resign ako para mag review for the ece board.

gusto ko lang sabihin na naaaliw ako sa blog mo, and i will continue reading your future posts...
in fact naka bookmark na to sa laptop


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