Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Ormoc Trip and the Fate of my Camera

Huhuhu! This was my first big cash purchase in 2005 at 21K (I spent my 13 month pay on this cam and the Sagada trip).. sad ako kasi may sentimental value talaga 'to. The cam is still working but the LCD is not.
At the dorm
At the Leadership Seminar
The lovely Sabin Resort
With fellow delegates


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Shet!

Phoenix said...

@ foxy: :-(

crystal_farmer said...

be careful, man, there seems to be some issues going around over broken LCDs could leak toxic stuff

chase said...

i miss outside leadership seminars daming sexually confused people to eat on kasi.. bwuahahahah...

hala.. ang bad naman.. tskk.tsk.tsk..
kwawa man ang cam mo.


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