Monday, February 18, 2008

Chenellyn of the Month

OA naman ang mga 'to! Haha ; ) My high school buddies reading Remejoy's copy of my book. On another note, thanks to Mark the Vegan Prince's efforts, someone from Dumaguete is interested in getting a copy. He featured the book on their talkshow. I also talked with Mark over the phone last night for the first time (sheeet kinabahan ako lol!), and Mink the Arabian Paladin (o baka binago na nya uli yung title nya) called me up also. Salamat Mink sa pagtawag! Mark, thanks again = )


Mark Xander said...

I don't understand why you were scared! You certainly didn't sound scared! :)

Will wait for the video, buddy. ;)

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: I always get a little nervous meeting new people ; ) it was indeed the first time we have spoken over the phone- sa sunod hindi na hehe

chase said...

wow. you are a certified author na hap! hehee.. ang galing..

Mink said...

i enjoyed talking to you sobra! see you soon friendship!

ey sabi mo ililibot moko sa tacloban!!! yehey


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