Monday, February 4, 2008


The place was dimly lit from the outside, with barely a sign that announced its presence. I was with my rather jaded friend, who knew every corner of this bath house like the back of his hand. It was my first time.

“Three hundred for the membership.” The guy behind the glass partition said snappishly, checking me out from head to toe. I got uncomfortable. I nudge my friend.

“Two memberships for a month, please.”

“That’s six hundred in all.” He hands us two small cards and a bleeding pen for us to use.

I looked at my friend questioningly. He nods. I nervously filled out the tiny card, changing the spelling of my last name and using my nickname instead of my real name. I had this silly thought that people might dig this up later when they look for dirt, and that would be a blow to my reputation. I giggled at my use of the term “blow”. Oh boy.

“What’s so funny?” My friend asks.


My friend leads me to this small hallway with the wall covered with glass shelves with locks on them. We hand the bouncer our valuables- cellphone, wallet, and my keys. Then they make us sign a log book, and then give us each a tiny key.

“What are these for?”

“You’ll see.”

We get to this empty bar, with only a lonely bartender drying glasses with a white cloth. He smiles and hands us two bottles of San Mig Light.

“The place is empty, and it’s past eleven already!” I sit at the bar. And reluctantly took a swig. “Where are all the people?”

“Finish your drink so we can go downstairs.” My friend says.

I notice a stairway at the far end of the room. Two guys emerge from the stairway, one was heavyset and thirty-ish, the other was lean and younger. They were holding hands.

My gaze followed as they made their way to the corridor. The younger guy meets my gaze and winks at me.
To be continued..


beejing said...

bitin, lol.

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

hmmm, interesting story thad...

saan kayang bath house yaan???


Mark Xander said...

Thaddeus! :) I got "City Girl.." na! I went on a reading marathon this morning and I have a few more pages to go! :) It is a very good read! :) Your sense of narrative is impeccable. And hey, my mom loves it too! LOL. She's asking how Dumagueteños can order it though. Be prepared because we will definitely plug it on our show here! :)

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: two words: Unit Test! lol!

@ mink: F

@ mark xander: You think so? That's really great! I'll leave a comment on your blog re: the book distribution

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

恭喜发财 !!!! Prosperity in the year of the Rat! =)

guapuy said...

Hi Phoenix!

To tell you the truth, it is my first time to read a stranger's blog. I'm not really into blog-reading coz i feel some people are just trying to sound interesting. Yours was recommended by a friend for me to read to ask for an honest opinion of what you wrote. His name i will not mention at the moment.

But anyway, after reading that specified blog, i sped-read thru some of the key words in your other blogs and i was very intrigued and positively amused! hahaha!

i could totally relate to your bath house experience, (though u left us all hanging). But nonetheless, almost the same emotions and anxiety.

i will bookmark your blog site and follow your life like a beginning stalker. hahaha.. kidding.

Is your book available in Makati?

Mark Xander said...

Thaddie boy, don't worry about the plugging, I will definitely send you a DVD of the whole show through mail, ok? I'll also send you a photo soon but as for now, I hope this will do.. ;)

Phoenix said...

@ Pisanu: Happy new year!
@ Guapuy: You are always welcome here.. in fact everyone is! = ) Thanks for the kind words po. My book is available by order- it's Php200 plus 100 for shipping. Just tell me if you want a copy = ) Have a great day ahead of you!

chase said...

yikes.. im excted..


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