Thursday, February 21, 2008


“…a brave and honest revelation of the writer’s identity and sexual orientation.”

- Dr. Musca (Humanities, Eastern Visayas State University, Tacloban)

“You have a unique personality… with substance akin to professionals.”

- Prof. Dacillo (Phil Lit, Bioethics, and Logic Instructor, SSCHS, Tacloban)

Receiving positive remarks from people who know me (and perhaps have worked with me one way or another) is one thing, but getting them from people whom I’ve never met is an incredible thrill.

One lazy afternoon, I managed to “escape” for a few hours of our College Days to make my rounds at a few Colleges and Universities in Tacloban. I gave copies of my book to a number of Hum and Lit professors in order to get feedback. By no means do I regard my work as “great”- it is clumsy, with a few typos here and there (pardon me!), and lacking the refinement of an accomplished author. What I wanted was simply get feedback. As in, should I continue with trying to improve my writing skills or simply abandon it because I have no promise whatsoever?

The verdict was in from two people, and so far they were favorable. Tuloy, I got inspired to take up Creative Writing – but that would be after Nursing, of course. I’m crossing my fingers for the rest of the feedback from the others.


pepe M. said...

no thad, dont make it as a means of it as a time- pass...a i tell ya yul just be surprise with the moolah yur reaping once it hit the booker prize :)

u talented bitch :)


Phoenix said...

@ pepe: ; ) I'll consider that, my friend

ps. baka booker t. prize lol!

Mink said...

you deserve that favorable reviews, in fairness magaling ka talagang mag sulat!


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