Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man
by Thad Hinunangan
I hang beneath these gallows
Naked and wounded,
I bid thee to ease my pain.
The wintry air chills my bones
And the moon mocks my misery.

Oh, how I ache for you.
Wash my wounds,
Take me into your arms,
And comfort me.

The hour is late,
And the birds have ceased to sing.
There is only silence,
And darkness.

Under the fading stars
I tremble.
I whisper your name
On my last breath,
As I finally closed my eyes.


Carl said...

heavy emotional outpourings...

kumusta ka na ngayon kapatid?

mink said...

mukhang in love o broken hearted???

nice poem
i like the first two lines...

I hang beneath these gallows
Naked and wounded,


Phoenix said...

@ carl: I'm good! ikaw, how's it going?

@ mink: nah, it's a regular day for a drama queen lol! how are you my friend?

Anonymous said...

i wonder ti whom is this piece dedicated to? happy valentines thad! :)


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