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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information
Age: 29 Nationality: Filipino Status: Single

Work Experience
Nov 2003-Feb 2006 INFOnxx Philippines Makati City
TEAM MANAGER (US Operations)

Job Description: Coach, motivate, and develop Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) and assist in meeting all performance goals. Coach and mentor Lead CSR’s (Supervisors) and Assistant Team Managers (ATM’s)

1. Lead, manage, coach, motivate, and develop Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s). Track CSR performance (Quality, Call Processing Time (CPT) Productivity, Attendance, Idle %, Credit %, and No Listing Found (NLF)%. Coach and develop Lead CSRs.

2. Monitor CSR calls on a weekly basis; set short term and long term goals based on Call Center standards.
3. Monitor and coach Lead CSRs on a weekly basis. (Patrolling, Schedule Adherence, Floor Awareness, Projects, Attendance)

4. Design programs for CSR development; organize and implement contests for CSR reward and recognition.
5. Help manage the Call Center floor; monitor ASA (Average Speed of Answer) to ensure that Service Level requirements are met.
6. Take escalated calls/ handle customer complaints.
7. Handle employee relations issues. Assist HR in recruitment activities (interviewing CSR, Lead, & TM applicants).
8. Assist Workforce in maintaining schedule adherence, recruiting overtime (OT), recruiting Voluntary Time Off (VTO).
9. Assist CSRs manage their schedules- filing and tracking leaves, arranging temporary and permanent schedule swaps, choosing a schedule via the Shift Bid.
10. Correct CSR mispunches, encode VLs/SLs/BLs, approve overtime in the Workforce Central (WFC) to insure that they receive the correct pay. Send out pay discrepancies, if any.
11. Build and maintain a cohesive team.

Performance and projects as Team Manager:
- Active participation in Call Center Activities
- First in PHCC to get a perfect score in Project Management & Time Management (Please see portfolio for details)
- Promoted 2 CSRs, one as Lead CSR another presently an Assistant Team Manager (ATM) Candidate
- Managed a team of 25 CSRs; consistently meeting performance goals
with team Quality Score at an above-average 96%; team Attendance rating at 99%+ consistently for the last 2 quarters. Zero voluntary resignations for the 4th quarter of 2005.
- Assists in HR related activities such as interviewing CSR/ Lead applicants; participated in the ATM certification process as panelist.
- Exhibitor at the 2005 CCAP Call Center Conference & Exposition.
- Consolidated Excellence vs Incidents report for Team Jigger (4th Q 03)
- Lead Dev’t Program for 14th floor Leads with co-TMs(1Q 2004)
- Schedule Change survey with TM Jojo Lopez (1st Q 2004)
- Call & Queue times report for Team Kei (3rd & 4th Q 2004)
- Coordinated submissions for all US teams (3rd Q 2004)
- Participated in the conceptualization & implementation of the 100% QA contest (PHCC) during the Paisley monitoring period (2004)
- Spearheaded Payroll Point Persons project with co-TMs (2004-2006)
This major project has been in effect since October of 2004 till the date of resignation. The Payroll Concerns Team consolidates pay concerns of the entire US Operations, it has significantly reduced the number of pay discrepancies since its implementation. A weekly report is sent to the departments concerned that tallies the areas of concern per pay period.
- Quality Review Manager for EPM Group (3rd Quarter 2005)
Prepared a weekly report containing Quality averages for the Early PM Group broken down into 3 areas- Accuracy, Presence, and Skills. Trends are analyzed and failed calls are tabulated to produce a coaching tool that managers can use for their respective teams.

July 2003-Nov 2003 INFOnxx Philippines Makati City
UK Track (118-118)

Job Description: Assist Customer Service Representatives and assist in Call Center floor operations.
1. Patrol the Call Center floor
2. Provide CSR’s with the tools they need to complete each call successfully
3. Ensure policy adherence
4. Take calls; perform other duties as assigned by a Team Manager/ Assistant Call Center Manager

Performance as a Lead CSR:
§ 3 Months in the UK Market; active participation in call center projects
§ Handled a team of 25 UK CSRs as OIC for half a month
§ Volunteers ideas and solutions to problems encountered on the floor

Feb 2002- June 2003 INFOnxx Philippines Makati City

§ Consistent with QA and CPT (11 weeks consecutive 100%)
§ Highly proactive team member; included in the top 60 CSRs (among 700+ population)

2006-2010 St. Scholastica’s College of Health Sciences Tacloban City
§ Bachelor of Science in Nursing, With Academic Distinction

1997-2001 University of the Philippines Diliman, QC
§ Landscape Architecture (146 units)

1994-1997 Leyte National High School Tacloban City
§ Secondary Education

Member, Philippine Student Nurses Assiociation (SSCHS)
Feature Editor, Binhi and Sulhog Publication


Best Nursing Intern, 2010 SSCHS Commencement Exercises
§ Dean’s Lister 1st Semester SY 2006-2007, SSCHS
§ Dean’s Lister 2nd Semester SY 2006-2007, SSCHS
§ Dean’s Lister 1st Semester SY 2007-2008, SSCHS
§ 2nd Place Research “Trends of Schistosomiasis Cases at the Schistosomiasis Control and Research Hospital”, SSCHS 2006
§ NSTP Awardee
§ Philip H Recto Design Excellence Award for Outstanding Thesis (UP Diliman College of Architecture)
§ College Scholar 1st Semester 1997, UP Diliman
§ CSR Employee of the Month November 2002
§ Philippine Call Center Lead CSR of the Month September 2003
§ US Team Manager of the Month September 2004
§ US Team Manager of the Month August 2005

Seminars & Trainings
§ US 101 & Accent Neutralization Training. February 2002.
§ UK Market Training. July 2003, INFOnxx Philippines
§ HR 101 for Managers. July 20-21, 2005, INFOnxx Philippines
§ 4 Steps to Powerful Leadership. Sept 20, 2004, AIM Conference Center
§ Making it Happen (Impact Leadership Training), INFOnxx Philippines
§ Workforce Center (Timekeeping) Training, December 2005

Programs/ Software
MS Office (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
§ RTA (Real Time Adherence)
§ TCS (TeleCenterSystem)
§ Kronos Timekeeping System
§ EWFM (E-workforce Management)
§ Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Interests: Travel, Photography, Swimming, Graphic design, Hiking, Blogging


Quentin X said...

Landscape architects gets paid the big bucks, don't they?

Anonymous said...

you've never been away from callcenter?

Phoenix said...

@ quentin x: not here in the philippines.. business is slow

@ foxyreign: it was my first and last job to date..

mink said...


napakaheBIGATING CV nito thad!

Phoenix said...

@ mink: nge! ; )

ardee sean said...

wow.. nice cv..

got new header again.. :D ganda, san yung place?

Phoenix said...

@ ardee: Thanks! Sa Palawan.. I tried looking for the Christmas header pero I must have deleted the folder because I couldn't find it na. What do you need it for? I could make a new one for you if you like = )

beejing said...

Whoa....this CV is awesome!

Anonymous said...

indeed thad, that landscape architecture seem to be one interesting degree ( and i bet is very useful in whatever ur into ryt now.)

Is dis part of ur book?? hehehee

k said...

wow(wide mouth open)!

Onebucks said...

Very impressive CV you have there. Don't you think of migrating to the U.S or U.K or Canada. I think you will get better pay elsewhere.

Phoenix said...

@ onebucks: mahal na mahal ko ata ang pinas ; ) seriously, kung may opportunity why not? Thanks for dropping by!

chase said...

wow.. impressive cv.. damn!

Anonymous said...


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