Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gay People are Assets to Society

Here's why:Most people who are in creative industries and the arts are gay. Goes with a very developed right brain, I suppose.
You get comedy. Who else can give an otherwise bland crowd some spice and witty banter but us? Impersonations, stand up routines, and just plain hilarious “pang-ookray”- baby, it runs in the blood.
We keep a lot of businesses alive. Where would gyms be without us? Bath houses, bars, spas, boutiques… Not to mention the beauty industry.
We are achievers. Alexander the Great, hello!
Behind every fabulous woman is her gay best friend,
and behind every male star is his gay director.
The next step in evolution? I’d like to think so.



exultation itu. ^_^

pero very true... very very true.

Jonats said...

but why use gay stereotype careers as examples?

Phoenix said...

@ cristian carlo: = ) oo nga!

@ jonats: aww, of course we have done more. I was sorta hoping for a humor post (which I didn't quite do well) so i left out the rocket scientist type careers..

hmm i think next time: more camp. but that's something I haven't pulled off really

mrs.j said...

well ganda padin...

bakla ako..


Daizuke said...

One word -- Bow!

Pageant Buff said...

Sensible topic! Hiyang na makapangyarihan ang mga sirena!


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