Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BD07: A Last Look and a Look Ahead

In the midst of doing all the preparations for my party, I was struck with a certain thought: how much things have changed, and how much things remained the same. This will be the first time that I’d be celebrating my birthday in a big way (a far cry from my last birthday party when I was 11), and I was just hit by a sudden melancholy.

It has been two years since I last earned my wages. By now, I imagine most of the people at my former office are new and have replaced those who have gone to take a different job. Is my team still intact? It’s hard to part completely with the people you once coached and managed closely for more than two years.

Looking at my guest list, there are but a few names of people I’ve known for more than four years. I can’t really say it’s a celebration with my closest friends. Yes, I’m that kind of person- it takes a while for me to warm up to people, but once we become good friends, it’s for keeps. The problem with my philosophy is that life usually does not allow us the luxury of time- give or take a few years and drastic changes would happen, and you would eventually have to move on. Gone are the familiar faces, and in its place are strange people you are not even sure you’d get along with.

I’ve always did my best to make the right decisions, so I don’t usually blame myself if I encounter pitfalls in my current trajectory. Becoming adept and familiar with the new path (and learning to love and appreciate what one does) is essential for a person to enjoy the present. Come to think of it, I’ve only begun to warm up to what I do now.

My environment and the people around me- they constantly change, but some things do remain the same. The greatest of which I have been always thankful for is my family. Although I don’t see my parents and brothers everyday, they are always supportive of me (in fact they are paying for this party lol!).

Maybe I’m still trying to recreate those Galera-Boracay type of vacations I used to enjoy with office friends. Or maybe I’m celebrating my new set of friends. Or maybe I’m just thankful for being given by God 27 (gulp!) great years. Heck, just this once I won’t feel guilty about the cost- after all this won’t happen everyday. I’ll make this party a celebration of good times in the past, present, and those yet to come. Cheers!


Jonats said...

you're 27? wow, you seem to look younger.

Portable Bitch said...

happy birthday thadie! :)

Phoenix said...

@ jonats: thank goodness I don't look my age yet ; ) hehe

@ portable bitch: Thanks Tonskie! Come to my party ha, that is if you are somewhere near Marabut this Saturday = ) hehe


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