Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Life Less Ordinary

“Here are the spaces you will be designing this semester. We will devote five hours per meeting for rendering and drafting of technical drawings. I am only after the output, so you are free to move at your own pace, come up with a particular concept, and research on the standards. Do a site visit, obtain the topography map, and start the design. Any questions?” Architect Galingan asked.We had a zillion questions, but no one dared ask. “Ok you may start.” She goes back to checking some architectural plates.

- from Uncommon Teaching Strategies

“You would think it would be easier in Organic Chem. I was wrong; the molecular structures given made the floor plan of the Sistine Chapel look bland and ordinary. Seriously, it was so intricate I could not even begin to identify the Benzene rings, the main chain of Carbon atoms, and where the branches started. And that was just the beginning…”

from Tumbling!

“My pants are ripping apart. These are an old pair of black slacks I used to wear in the office, once part of my work wardrobe. The first tear began at the crotch, just a tiny bit- you won’t even see it until you look closely. Nanay mended it for me, unfortunately not too subtly, because she used red-colored thread. Now the sides are already splitting in the seams near my right hip. I am troubled. No one wants to do the full monty in a Catholic institution.”

- from Austere Philosophy from an Old Pair of Pants

They started with the girls, calling names one by one. By the time the last girl was called, I was feeling nauseous. As they started calling the boy’s names I thought I was going to throw up. I tried to look nonchalant, as I sat with the girls on the bleachers, wiping the cold sweat on my forehead.

“Hinunangan!” I heard my name being called, and I walked slowly toward the center of the court. My heart pounded.

- from Basketball Diary: The First and Final Entry

Maverick: “What city. C-i-t-y?”

Caller: (Silence)

Maverick: “Hello?”

Caller: “I just want Roscoes in Newark, New Jersey.”

Maverick: (Long pause)

“I’m sorry Ma’am is this in the United States?”

By this time my chest had started to tighten. It was excruciating. Maverick thought the caller wanted “Moscow!” I crossed my legs so hard, I swear one of my nuts got squished.

- from A Tough Call

Silence. Around me, it was gray. Was it about to rain?

“Hello…” I heard a voice say.I looked around. No one was there.

“Hello?”I frowned. Where could that voice come from?

Suddenly, someone taps me sharply on the shoulder.“Ahh!” I exclaimed as I woke up with a start. Shit, shit, shit! I had fallen asleep midcall!

- from Do Not Try This at Work

“Great, I thought, I was now at the position that I wanted, but what good is a team when you are always at the bottom of the rankings? Determined to turn things around, I started by visiting Powerbooks. I became an instant fan of John Maxwell, Bob Nelson, and Ken Blanchard (co-author of The One Minute Manager). I devoured their books and implemented my own interpretations of their leadership and motivational tips…”

- from Transitions 2

“Unfortunately, this effectively disqualifies you for regularization. Sorry Nina, but you are already- ” I squirmed in my seat.“Termed?” She said, looking me in the eye.“Yes!” I sighed with relief. (Gosh, I was really an amateur!)

“I’m really sorry but you have to surrender your badge, and clear out your locker today.”I went back to my station and collapsed on my seat after that episode. EJ, a fellow TM, walked by and looked at me sympathetically.

“Rough day? Let me guess, you fired someone.”

“Tell me about it.” I said.

- from Transitions

“Bakla!”, a female friend (who was also managing a team) tells me, “Ang swerte mo, sa’yo napunta yung guy!.”

“Korek, Mother! Kanino napunta yung girlalu?” I asked.

“Kay Mavic ata.”

“Kausapin, ko kaya si bakla, dapat maging harsh sya para mag-disappear si girl.” I added wickedly.“Kaw ha, for more conspiracy theory kayo. Ma-HR ka pa nyan. Be good ha, Thad.”

- from Konsensya

“I sent my final email to the management group, before proceeding to HR. After surrendering my badge and keys, I was free. I turned as I approached the glass doors, and looked for the last time. The entire floor was buzzing; CSRs were clapping for assistance while supervisors hurried to assist. I saw one of my friends coaching her CSR and I felt a tug at my heart- I’m going to miss all that. Coaching sessions, team buildings, breakfast with friends at Deli France.. I saw myself as a CSR, years before being promoted, and remembered the time I almost got fired. I saw my first American boss who pushed for my promotion to Team Manager, and I saw the faces of my CSRs..

With my things in hand, I took a deep breath, walked into the waiting elevator, and watched as the doors slowly closed…”

- from Ghosts

The next day, I persuaded the guys that we go home early because I remembered had an “appointment”. Of course the rain made going down so much easier- literally. I had to hug trees and grab on to thorny branches lest I plummet to my death. When we reached the highway, I was covered in mud from head to toe. I swore never again to do anything of the sort. Memo to Thad: throw away the mountaineering gear, keep your kikay kit and stay indoors.

- from City Girl Gets Trapped in the Boondocks with Unattractive Men

“My clothes were wet from hugging the rocks. There were some areas where the descent was too steep that I had to grab into a rope. It was about 2 stories down (or was it 3 stories down) when my guide proudly showed me the rock formations in the cave. I pretended I was shaking from the cold (there was knee deep icy water from where we were observing the rock formations) and not from fear. Gosh, I’ve never known such absolute darkness, plus it was so cold down there steam was coming out of my mouth and nose whenever I breathed. After taking pictures I urged that it was time to go back up.”

- from Surreal Sagada

“An officemate invited me and my bestfriend to share her apartment in Makati. We both were excited to finally live in a real house, and didn’t really mind sleeping on a mattress on the floor so we said yes.Months later, Brenda (a nickname we call our former friend, meaning “brain damaged”) asked Tatat and I to leave. Yes, you heard me right. Pinalayas kami nung Holy Week, Holy Thursday I think. Apparently Tatat dressed like a hooker at home (short shorts, tank top) so Paranoid Brenda was worried her boyfriend (a med student) was being seduced.So my twin sis and I moved from one friend’s house to another like wandering Jews, till we finally searched for our respective boarding houses. But mind you we still had perfect attendance at work when this thing happened.”

- from Metro Abodes


Yas Ligtas said...

hey thad, thanks for the link. I love Munch by the way. linked you up as well. :)

Phoenix said...

@ yas ligtas: Thanks! = )

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hmm, I have read, er, some of the posts (with the captions) you have included here and I was impressed with the range of topics you have posted on your blog (from beauty, to work, to funny posts, esp the G4M codes deciphered, i was LMAO as in).

I'm amazed as to how it seems that you never run out of topics to post. How did you do that? Hehehe. :D

Phoenix said...

@ ruff: madaldal lang talaga ako lol! ; ) and i'm really interested in different types of people kaya there are lots of topics to talk about = ) it pays to hang out with an interesting bunch of friends-- di mauubusan ng mapag-usapan!


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