Monday, November 5, 2007

Just Like This

Ever had that feeling that you just wanted things to remain a certain way? Like that vacation you had with your family and friends, where days were spent lying on the sand and relaxing without a care in the world. Everybody’s happy- no deadlines to catch, no disappointments to deal with, no pain. But of course we inevitably have to return to reality, and move on.

I remember when I was about 17, and I went home for the holidays during the semester break at UP. It was such a perfect Christmas- my dad had come home, all my brothers were there, my cousins, and Mama was off duty from the hospital where she worked as a nurse. The money was good so my parents really went all out- a lavish menu, fireworks, and gifts for everybody. I had so much fun that night, I hardly slept a wink. I kept savoring the feeling of bliss, hoping that night wouldn’t end. But morning came, and then another day, and eventually I had to return to school and my father had to leave for Saudi again.

As much as I tried to have a holiday like that again, I failed. Eventually time came when Papa could only go home every two years (and seldom during the holidays), the following Christmases Mama had to work, my brothers and I grew older and of course, things were never really the same. There was no more excitement or anticipation unlike the time when we were kids. My cousins came and went.

Maybe it was meant only to be an unforgettable, beautiful night- nothing lasting. I kept picturing that ideal time when are our relationships were perfect, and nothing was weird or awkward.

I’ve changed, and so did everyone. Life gives us a lot of twists, and things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. Nevertheless, I vowed to keep trying to improve my relationships with my family and friends- those happy times are what I live for. I’m sure, one day; we might have that perfect holiday again.


scholasas said...

advance happy birthday nalang thad!=)

Phoenix said...

@ scholasas: pakadto hit sabado kay gin inform ko baya hi stephy nga ig-invite ka gihap. i'd like to meet you!

scholasas said...

ei thad, sorry for not coming. got lots of things to do kasi prior to that, heheh. and I thought i'll be out of place from your friends.=D kabaraka, gusto ko liwat ikaw mameet.=) and by the way, I actually have a proposal for a freelance photojrnlst like you to help the publication for the upcoming portfolio. I'll tell you more on Dec. pa 'ata. I hvn't told steph about this yet. buzy pa man aq ngayon as well as you two. so, sa december nalang.=) hehe, happy birthday nala. ei, ba't di ko nakita si steph sa mga photos niyo?

Phoenix said...

@ scholasas: Hagi, stephy also didn't make it hehe naku it would have been fun. anyway there's always next time!

I'd be honored to help on the portfolio = ) yeah, busy pa yana mga tawo. cguro ha christmas break nala..

cya soon!


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