Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I apologize for the lack of new posts, I've been a little busy lately- school and all. But of course, there is time for a little fun ; ) Off to the beach next Saturday!! Thanks for visiting. I promise, I'll update once I have more time on my hands. Ciao!


mrs.j said...

uy u had prada? padala? hehe

Phoenix said...

@ mrs j: lol! prada-pradahan lang po, yung dyan sa tabi tabi = )

mrs.j said...


cnabi na nga ba choz! haha

Vincent said... blogspot cuz! was surfing the net and cant sleep. i got this newsletter in my email from the gay organization i signed up with (based here in los angeles) and it contained several links to philippine gay websites. that's how i find yours. hey...if you have time drop me a line will you?

take care cuz!

ardee sean said...

wowow..great pic you got here :P


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