Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Day I Met a Spy and a Prince

From Tacloban with love ; )
Touchdown at Dumaguete Airport.
Here at last...
Eden. este Forest Camp pala.
Syempre, pa cute bago matulog.
Heavenly coffee at Don Atilano (where I almost left my wallet)- and that's coming from a non-coffee drinker hehe
A Mexican Restaurant where Mark did my interview for @Random.
The quirky Cafe Noriter.
The boulevard (which was particularly warm that day) with its passing motorists.
That isn't meat, it's Vegan Adobo. Quite yummy, actually.
The interior of the lovely Persian Palate, one of the restaurants serving Vegan food in Dumaguete.
Look at the cute puppies for sale. Mark wanted to get another pet at the local pet store.
One of those Spanish Colonial Houses-turned-cafe..
Ah, such a beautiful sunrise.
Pump boat from Dumaguete to Cebu.. I always fall asleep kahit maalon!
The ferry that would take me back to Leyte island. Don't you just love the Philippines? 7,107 islands to choose from- that's a lot ; )


mrs.j said...

y na sia ngstop magblog...?

chase / chubz said...

mark is so tall!!
hala!!! nakapunta nako jan sa forest camp. super cool nice water flowing chuva.


Phoenix said...

@ mrs. j: it's a long story ; (

@ chase/chubz: he is!

davenport said...

mate you got real cool places down there south.. and the resto..tempting.


alimuom.atbp said...

good for you, you've met them. will try squeeze in meeting them too, on my vacation...

remcyl said...

Wow! very nice writing you have here my friend. would be reading within the next few days.. for now, i have to sleep.

*i can't wait to view your adventures on life


cant_u_read said...


i didn't know dumaguete was so beautiful.

and why don't i get to meet fellow bloggers like you all d when i go back home to visit? :-(

Phoenix said...

@ davenport: indeed! Dumaguete is such a lovely city = )

@ alimuom.atbp: Mark and Ian are great hosts and I had a fantastic time

@ remcyl: thanks my friend = )I'll link you up

@ rye: I'd love to meet more lalo na ikaw at si mink ; )

ardee sean said...

been really loving the Philippines since I went to Bicol.. planning to be somewhere in Negros soon.. :P

Anonymous said...

Wow, ang tangkad naman ni Mark! Thadie must be 5'5".

Rhodge said...

Ang ganda ng Dumaguete! Thanks for the photos. Kagabi lang ako nag-start basahin ang blog mo, Thadie. Ganda ng entries!

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: 5'6 shhh hehe

@ rhodge: Thanks po ; ) You are always welcome here

Akhyari said...

my country has over 27,000 islands,bro.
Thanks for the post, will visit phil sometimes in the near future

cant_u_read said...

oh that's very flattering, thad! i'd love to meet you in person too, kung alam mo lang. ask my friends, they know. no kidding!

Phoenix said...

@ akyari: I'd love to visit Indonesia too = )

@ Rye: Great so you can teach me a few moves hehe I've got two left feet


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