Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't Go Changin'

Date: April 25, 2008
Mood: Melancholy
Soundtrack: Madonna’s Something to Remember

Kanina baga diri maupay an akon pamati. Waray ako sakit, baga maul-ol la ha dughan. Basta, bagan gusto ko na mag-iba hin kurso kay dire man ngani ako matrabaho ha ospital. Pero dire man gud ito simple kay sugad hito dire na ako pwede magskwela ha gawas hit Tacloban kay waray upod ni Nanay. Syempre damo na gihap an nagasto nira Mama ngan Papa- ha tuition, mga libro, etc. Ngan han iba nga tawo nga nasuporta ha ak nasiring hira “sayang”.

I had been wanting to change my blog skin for a while now, but being HTML/ XML illiterate was the biggest hindrance. I searched the net for hours on end for the perfect template- don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy like a hologram or something. I wanted something clean, largely white, easy to navigate, easy to maintain, and something that would load quickly even on dial-up.

I found one, very striking yet still minimalist. Went to Edit HTML in Blogger and uploaded the template. Out of nowhere, a notice said: The following will be deleted (and the list of widgets and text followed thereafter), before the save button. I clicked save and then previewed the new look. Shit, all my widgets disappeared- and the most important thing was the links page. *&$#!!!

My friends, fellow bloggers, paki-remind na lang kung meron akong makalimutan. I’ll be reconstructing everything (I’m currently using a template that blogger provided) so bear with me. On another note, I’m kind of pleased how it looks- so austere and lacking my usual “pagkabiga-on” lol! The blog’s original purpose have been fulfilled, and I’m ready to move on. I feel so grateful to all my fellow bloggers- they played a large part in inspiring me. Its always a hoot to check the archives and read the stuff I posted ages ago. My oh my.


dabo said...

hahaha.. nag change na rin ako template one time and disaster follows..

--- --

and wait until you read your entries five years after..

cant_u_read said...

awwwwwwww! may TD&RS sa links! thanks, thad!


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