Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boneyard of Lost Promises (Excerpt)

(this short story will also be included in the second book)
The hot wind blew fiercely, carrying with it fine bits of sand. The landscape was barren, with but a few sand dunes to interrupt the large expanse of flatness.

Armando felt bits of sand enter his eyes and mouth. He tried shielding himself from the hot sun with his tunic. He could feel the soles of his blistered feet burn as he walked.

“Excuse me.” He tried speaking with the others walking alongside him.

He could not see their faces; they wore black tunics which covered their bodies except for the eyes. They walked as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere, but all he could see were only miles of nothingness.

“Excuse me.” He insisted.

He tried to block the path of the person behind him but all he got was a flash of anger from a pair of eerie, almost shining eyes. The figure moved past him without a word, and disappeared into the moving crowd. He felt his skin burn. His sweat felt like drops of acid in his eyes. Where am I? He looked around the wasteland. The figures seemed to pass by him like a black river.

“Where am I?” He said aloud. But the wind only drowned his words.

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