Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fairytales are Dangerous

At such an early age, people are brainwashed. Children are told tales that were probably written by someone high on crack. The stories have little to do with the truth and they tell you the same things: find a guy, get help from fairy godmother, get rescued by the guy from some evil matriarch, and live happily ever after with your prince charming.

Come on. Why does the princess always need a prince to rescue her? Couldn’t she just have gotten a good education, built a career and empowered herself? Or perhaps found a lesbian lover and decide not to marry? It sounds ridiculous but at least it’s closer to reality.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs? If they kept it real, the beautiful princess would’ve had the midgets court marshaled for just being within ten feet of her. As for the evil queen: press charges for trespassing. Slam the door on the bitch’s face. She should also consider dumping the prince for a hunk with a bigger penis. A girl’s got needs, baby.

Fairy godmothers? The only fairies that exist are those in the fashion and movie industry who would offer career advancement to young men in exchange for sexual favors. Enough said.

The biggest lie of course is this: happily ever after. They don’t say that there is a possibility that your boyfriend will cheat on you and then give you a venereal disease. That your parents could decide on separating after many years of marriage. Or that you’re going to get screwed over a lot of times and may never have a chance to find the love of your life. Perhaps those fairy tales should come with a warning: may cause delusions in adulthood.

They are not all bad though; I do like stories about courage and overcoming obstacles, and those that promote values like honesty and friendship. Teaching kids about manners, hardwork, and doing something meaningful with one’s life- now that sounds like a better plan. And of course, there are some lessons in life and in love that we do need to learn on our own.


MakMak said...

The more popular and known versions of fairy tales has been re-written to have that "ever after" feel but I believe that the original versions were a bit morbid and contains less of the glitter. Perhaps, the latter reflects reality better if you would count out the metaphors.

I've never had that view on fairy tales though. To me, those stories were made to provide a sort of hope or temporary refuge if you may for those who are weary.

Sometimes we need those things so we can hold on to the idea that there is something beautiful and wonderful in store for us. ^^

Happy weekend!

Mugen said...

I wonder how the fairy tale alice in wonderland would have happened if it was based in real life. Hehe.

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

siguro fairy tales are made para ipakita sa mga bata na there is something good out there at para maging dreamers sila in that early stage of life... soon enough they will be both dreamers and realist para sa better world.

dreams do come true.

Phoenix said...

@ makmak: i suppose the makers of those tales may have good intentions in mind.. but the whole disney princesses thing gets a bit overboard = )

@ mugen: siguro alice would've been high on marijuana lol

@ mink: friendship! kamusta? naku, sometimes it may get difficult erasing one's presumptions in childhood (which are somewhat affected by those stories).. kaya super disillusioned ang mga adults minsan. they're like, "it wasn't supposed to be this way.."

chase / chubz said...

yup, i have the same thought. the only way you can decide that you lived happily ever after.. is when your dead. heheh.. God i don't make sense. 11pm and im still at the office. Shit! heheh


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