Friday, April 18, 2008

New Pup


Rhodge said...

Ang cute! Ang cute ng dog!

chase / chubz said...

ohhh ang cute.
what breed is that thad>!?
it is a rott?

Phoenix said...

@ Rhodge: her name is Beauty = )

@ chase: Rottweiler, papa chase

Remcyl said...

just curious thad, how much do u spend for the food and injections? i want to have my own dog too, but i want to know if I can supply the needs of my pup before i do my purchase este adoption hehe

Phoenix said...

@ remcyl: sister in law ko yung nag-ayos sa shots.. sa food, hhmm minsan pag bata pa yung pedigree kunyari na food pero di naman palaging me pera kaya minsan beefloaf na lang haha (gaya nung isa naming miniature na dog, dati pasosyal ngayon di na = )

goodluck on your adoption = ) it's hard though to clean up the puppy's mess but they are adorable

remcyl said...

by the way, I'm a freelance graphic artist and im trying to build up my portfolio. i was wondering if you would let me do your site banner. you have a very nice picture and i want to capture your true emancipation with an entire new concept.

if you're interested, just send over the pictures you want me to work with.

keep in touch thad :)

Phoenix said...

@ remcyl: Wow talaga? I'd be honored, sige i-email ko sa'yo mga pics. Salamat talaga = )

Clark Can't said...

Cutie Puppie!

Daizuke said...

Gimme gimme! pffft!


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