Saturday, March 22, 2008

Touch my Boobies


Richard the Adventurer said...


I love it... Hehe :)

Mark Xander said...

Thaddie! I hope you can send me copies na. People are pestering me about "City Girl". Huhuhu.. Wala akong ma-say to them.

Mark Xander said...

Thaddie! Same number, I just keep forgetting to charge! Hahahaha! I'm sorry.

Wow. Really? You comin' here? Grant me an interview, please! :p Hey, Thaddie, Ian might be in Manila on the first week of April (he's a much better tour guide) but I'll do my best if you do find yourself here. Basta dapat may interview. LOL.

Happy Easter!

Mink said...

wahaha, tawa ako ng tawa when im viewing this one, parodies...

wahaha ulet

Phoenix said...

@ richard the adventurer: me too!

@ mark xander: I'll send them asap


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