Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Longest Three Weeks

The Human Cloning exhibit
"documentation" kuno
With a nice lady.
My trusty boots.
Prowling the meat section for the Nutrition assignment..

Close kami.
With Bonbon (my right) and the guy with the sliced head.
Trineustes gratilla- my sea urchin specimen from Calicoan for the Zoology lab last year
Let me think..
I'm so proud of this map I rendered, I bet my Prof at UP College of Arch. would have liked it too hehe

Preparing the Chapel. (We had no other venue)
My opening remarks (in Waray-waray): "Each time I eat a morsel of rice, I think of the farmers who planted them and I feel grateful. I can speak for the whole class in saying that we learned a lot as we interacted with the community. My deepest thanks to the residents of Brgy. Victoria for receiving us..."
88.5% of families here have a monthly income below 5,000. With the hardwork that they do, I have greater respect for farmers.

Beyond the white washed steel bars are acres and acres of rice fields as far as the eyes can see.
Ahh memories of Guiuan..
This boy hits the big 3-0 in two year's time. Gulp.


my-so-called-Quest said...

sobrang busy mo pla thad.
mukang nagenjoy ka naman=]
ingats palagi=]

Phoenix said...

@ my so called quest: I noticed that I had only 3 entries to date for March.. tsktsk it means I was too busy, I didn't have much time to say I'm busy.

I bet Med School is a lot harder = ) How's school going for you?

my-so-called-Quest said...

hey thad, salamat sa pagdaan=]
oks naman, mahirap din pero kinakaya=]

ingats ka palagi ha=]

Portable Bitch said...

smile daddy smile!!!



MP3 e MP4 said...

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Robin said...

Definitely the "H" in BSN-2H stands for "Hinunangan"... hahaha!!!

I was really surprised with your community culmination because of the following:

1) the digital spot map printed on a tarpaulin (lumelevel up ah!!! hahaha!)

2) the giving of grocery items as prizes (wowowee na 'to!!!)

3) the zaido (i'm really poor with names) is really bringing down the house (or chapel) with his antics during the games for the community children.

4) the leadership and oragnization of the culmination is commendable! (except for mr. cadiong's out of tune guitar playing... hahaha!)

keep it up! see you more in Level III...

by the way, i gave your culmination a grade of 90% as your project in RLE II... you truly deserve it...

Phoenix said...

@ portable bitch: Welcome back, my friend!! Go Tonskie!

@ mp3 e mp4: Thanks so much! I'll link you up = )

Phoenix said...

robin: Sir! Surprise surprise! = ) Thanks for your confidence but we are, at the moment still struggling to finish the final output..

I think everyone will be happy with the good news! Rest assured, we will strive to do better the next time.

On a more personal note, off the record here, sorry for coming off as a little peculiar sometimes.. medyo weird kasi ang environment sa school and most of the time I am out of my element. I'm actually more of a wild party girl lol! Formal institutions are hardly the best places.

There's nothing more I want than for all people to get along, but tolerance for something different is sometimes unheard of in a strict environment with a strict chain of command.. Am I making sense? I'm babbling. It is so rare an opportunity to have a discourse.

We'll definitely see you around, thanks so much for your patience! = )



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