Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Healing

I summon you, come, share my solitude

The mirror of my fear, my hopes and my dreams;

My spirit, oh spirit, give fortitude

A lost soul floating in an endless stream.

Oh pull me from the wreckage of my youth,

Pick up the pieces of the old time bliss;

Lead my existence to the path of truth

For the rebirth of life and happiness.

But the wind from the East is still blowing

Certainly, oblivious of time and space;

I shall now stand up, my awakening

My spirit and I no longer in haze.

Truly, life and spirit are two but one,

It is where everything began.

"The Healing" A sonnet by Anamarie Cavaniero


chase / chubz said...

i love the new header.. is it new ba?
ehhehe.. anyway, i love it.

ardee sean said...

Currently on healing right now.. :p sup?!

Mugen said...

Thank you nga pala sa pagdaan sa aking blog parekoy. :)

Phoenix said...

@ chase: yes it is.. surfing kuno = )

@ ardee: just taking a break from all that stress = ) how are you?

@ mugen: hehe just browsing. I'll link you up!

Mink said...

sometimes looking back isnt that bad... reminds us of our old self, someone who we miss actually...


davenport said...

i thought "healing" by denise williams...

Phoenix said...

@ davenport: no = ) this sonnet was written by my good friend Anamarie for Lit class...


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