Monday, May 12, 2008

Son, I forgive you.

To learn that you’re gay, I admit, came only as a mild surprise to me. To learn that my eldest son is a bit of a slut, well, that’s another story. Obviously you are no longer that little angel who joined the choir and got good grades, and made your teachers and other parents glance at your Mom and I in envy as you beamed to your appreciative audience after your performance at the Christmas party.

Well, I suppose it’s not a total loss considering you’ve had more suitors than your mother. Now, unless you are planning on IVF or some other artificial means of fathering a child, sayang ang genes mo. Tsk tsk. You’ve chosen a more difficult life, but if you insist on your freedom I’ll respect that. I’m not a bad guy, I’m just looking after you. You and your brothers have grown up so fast and your old man is proud of all of you.

Hinay-hinay sa guys, and remember, I may not say this often but I do love you.

Echos lang!


Mugen said...

Akala ko naman talagang response niya sayo. Who knows, maybe he'd say it to you directly. :)

Anonymous said...

funny how you ended this article. but who knows, there will be a happy ending to this....(slimfit)

dabo said...

Huh? nagulat ako..akala ko nagreply talaga.. Di sayang ang genes mo Thad.

remcyl said...

In my situation with my mother, something like that would be too idealistic. she's into this whole-- "You're gonna get yourself in trouble with all those HIV stuff.." and God knows we could never end with a peaceful conversation when she starts it with that. LOL

But then again, we could always be hopeful. :)

joelmcvie said...

Feel na feel ko itong entry na ito. =)

cant_u_read said...


Phoenix said...

@ mugen: hope so joms

@ anonymous: pray with me for that happy ending

@ dabo: char

@ remcyl: its great that parents are concerned about their kids.. at a certain point we need to survive on our own and thats the time when they have to dial it down a bit = )

@ mcvie: thanks for the visit = )

@ rye: chika la po ito hehe


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