Friday, May 2, 2008

breakup blues

the silence swathes me in a thick blanket and distant worlds begin to fade. these thoughts float lazily

like cirrus clouds dotting a blue sky, and they sail towards you. a lover's unkiss left me wanting. i loathed how i lingered for you like a fool when you've already left.

but the hail of anguish had ceased and i have long absolved you.

do you still watch old movies on that broken screen? are you seeing her again? i hope you are happy, because i am.


Rhodge said...

Same thoughts, Thad. Isang malaking HAY.

mink said...


wowww, youve met mugen, dave and grips, i know you had a great time with them kasi they are good friends and great people of the blog world...

come december, tayo naman mag mimeet... hehe

i hope yung mga ikinwento nila sa iyo ay wholesome. hehe

have a nice day and its nice to know youre happy, kahit mejo heartbroken b? kasi break up blues ang post mo eh...


Phoenix said...

@ rhodge: aw actually this was just something i composed, fiction lang kumbaga = )

@ mink: uy friendship! oo nga ang babait nila, masarap kausap. sana ay libre ako kahit isang weekend sa december para magpunta sa manila at ma-meet na kita finally = )

yeah mga wholesome at kakulitan yung mga kwento nila.. yung post ko chika lang ito hehe

i'm doing great, take care always!

wanderingcommuter said...

nice play and choice of words, dude!
expressed the feeling and thoughts very well. keep it coming!

Mugen said...

It was an honor meeting you. Hehe. :)

Phoenix said...

@ wandering commuter: thanks = )

@ mugen: the pleasure was entirely mine = ) hope to see you guys again soon

Anonymous said...

why the irony... when everything is said and done...why do we need to remember someone and end up wondering is he/she as happy as me?


Phoenix said...

@ dabo: hmm when something doesn't work out between you and someone you love, you'd still wish them well and hope ok sila = ) siguro yun


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