Sunday, May 4, 2008

in dependence

i have something terrible to say:

a restitution is what i need;
bring back my senses,
bring back the spring in my walk.

many moons ago my feet were calloused
as i have always followed my own path,
i took no comfort in easy street.

don't hold my hand,
for a hardy peregrinator i am.
let me instead

fly as a mettlesome eagle,
and rise to heights i've always dreamed.
oh it's easy

now that you are with me. but my feet
require no cane, and my wings, no wind.
so let me walk, and let me fly.


Mink: The White Paladin said...

you can, if you will.


Phoenix said...

@ mink: friendship, ang cute naman ng pic ng white paladin = )


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