Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It just makes me sick to my stomach, how gay dating had become so shallow. It’s all about image- who’s thinner, who’s got the money, who’s got the face to make it to showbusiness. Everything counts: your job title, your car and your gadgets. It’s more like a contest, I tell ya. Whatever happened to love and genuine friendship?

Geez, even penises weren’t spared. One has to meet a certain size requirement. "Below six inches? Sorry buddy, go get implants." Till then you have to steer clear of the dating scene and join a chastity group instead ‘cause baby, that soldier ain’t gonna get action.

Did I mention how rude people had become? Take the vicious example of online dating. These are actually posted on existing profiles: Good looking, gym buff for the same. Effems and obvious gays take a hike! Fuglies not allowed. Seriously, want me to give you the links to those profiles?

Perhaps the media has bred a new generation of self-obsessed, vain, silly, silly queens who think of nothing but self improvement. Bye-bye manners. I am going to start a crusade and make a difference!! Right after writing these observations, I’ll persuade people to CHANGE!

Oh, but not till after I check my  account. Username… password… Yipee! Four new messages. I’ll check the profiles out.

Ugh. This one looks too gay, she’s oozing pink fluid. The next one is about a hundred years old and…yikes! The next one looks like Mike Enriquez. Oh well, perhaps the fourth. Nope, this one looks like Mike Enriquez dressed as a coked up, wasted, and banged up Cher.

Delete, delete, delete.
----------------Author’s Note:
You do realize this is only half-true, I mean fiction, right? ; )


chase said...

hahhaah... you are guilty as charged!!

online dating is ruthless. i agree..
kaya i take extra precaution with that environment.. hehehe

Phoenix said...

@ chase: That's why people shouldn't take it too seriously.. otherwise it just breaks your heart

I said...

true, true!


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