Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Talk Sense To Me

Dear C,

I keep humming that song and remembering how it felt when you had your arm around me. The feel of your skin on my fingertips lingers on my mind. I still feel your warmth as if you are beside me now.

I know we have shared nothing more than a wonderful evening, but may I say this? I think you and I could be a couple.

You leave me with much anticipation. Here I am sitting on my bed, thinking of you and that old love song that played when we first met.

Corny ‘no?

I miss you.


davenport said...

mushy!..he he he..blog hop

Portable Bitch said...

miss yah my bud! :P

Phoenix said...

@ davenport: and corny ; )

@ tonskie: miss you too, sweetie. medyo busy nowadays

chase said...

awww.. how sweet..

Phoenix said...

@ chase: hey papa chase!

Daizuke said...

Ouch! I Miss my... J

Anonymous said...

is c in mla or der in ur place? :)


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