Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Alternative Dream Job

If I weren’t so particular with lifestyle and the material things that come with it, I would have been a fisherman. No kidding. When I was younger, my aunt had this fleet of fishing boats and sometimes my cousin and I would beg to be allowed to tag along.

The day would start early at six am, when the men would ready the equipment. After that, it’s off to the deep seas. They’d usually start by deploying the net, making a huge sweep of a certain area. Minutes later, a machine would begin pulling the net back to the boat, taking with it all the fish it could contain. The men would dump all the fishes caught on the floor of the boat where they are sorted and placed in large Styrofoam containers with ice.

Lunch, would not be a problem of course. Take your pick. Once, there was even a huge eel and a couple of octopi (small ones) that were caught. After the fishes are placed in the containers, the process is started again. The best part for me was the fresh salty wind blowing against my face, and of course the kinilaw. Now that’s the kind of office I’d love to stay in.

Think of it: no deadlines, no reports, and you certainly need not wear a tie. No interviews and presentations, no computers and telephones. Just the sun, the sea, and your trusty boat. Perhaps one day, if it comes to a point where I no longer desire huge salaries and a prestigious title, I just might hop into a boat and work on my “other dream job” that won’t require me to bring my laptop.


wanderingcommuter said...

i still go with a travel show host, getting paid while you are having a vacation. free food, free accomodation, free traveling fees with pocket money...woohooo..

uhm, did you say dream job?!

hehehe.., happy new year.


"Dream job".. no deadlines, no reports..

that made me think actually. hehe..

Happy New Year!

ika said...

being surrounded by sea, it's only natural you gravitate towards a sea-job.

hey, most of the twelve disciples were fishermen.

Phoenix said...

@ wanderingcommuter: Yeah, I'd kill for that one too = )

@ kris jasper angel: I think generally a dream job has to be doing something you really love.. so deadlines are not a problem

@ ika: exactly! = )

chase said...

wow a fisherman? ako a farmer..
well, i have to visit you once in a while. i don't want to get goiter from lack of iodine. hehe

i dunno, i kinda like the scenery of the mountains.. weeping what you sow kind of thing.


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