Sunday, October 30, 2011


With Vina's daughter Angela, my inaanak.
   One of my closest friends from high school Vina, was planning to go to Calbiga, Samar for an outing with her family but there were recent incidents of ambush and encounters with some leftist groups that she decided to change destination.  She called me up and I told her about some of the nice spots here in our province and she decided on Canigao.  I actually have been sort of wanting to start a business similar to rent a car because we have a trustworthy driver, but so far there was only one taker (but didn't push through).  So as an introduction to the idea, I allowed them to use my Fx.  Vina wanted me to go because I know the place like the back of my hand, and anyways they would cover everything.  Hard to resist another chance to visit my island hahaha, by the looks of how I promote the place (relatives of my other med companions- two groups also went to Canigao after seeing our pics) you would think that I was part owner of the place ;-)

Vina's mom, her friends from COA, and our driver having lunch.
The best part for me was buying seafood at rock bottom prices. For example- dried squid is like Php200++ sa Robinson's can be bought at Php110 in Bato (near Baybay and Matalom)- which is our favorite breakfast ulam.  Danggit and also fresh seafood are cheap so bring a styrofoam box with lots of ice.

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