Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fiesta! Sing-along time ;-)

Aya's residence had been our "headquarters" since Nursing days. This was either a birthday or a fiesta in 2nd year Nursing (or I suspect it was simply a regular Friday night)
Damn right I can belt a tune! hahahaha
Probably singing a Freestyle song/ TLC/ classic tunes like She's Always a Woman (chos!) o diba, ako na nga ang palaging may hawak sa microphone.
This was last night- three doctors and three nurses.  Aya and Thea are 1st year med in CIM in Cebu while the other three ladies Lor, Hyleen, and Zippo are volunteer nurses.

Aliens ;-)
    Nice to finally have a reunion with my St Scho buddies last night- we got to talk about the differences of approach sa CIM and RTR.  Sa CIM half day sila everyday (small group discussions sa hapon ata) every two weeks ang major exam na departmental- multiple choice na board exam type questions halo halo na Histology, Biochem, Anatomy, etc.  While sa RTR separate ang exams namin- sa Anatomy alone 4 exams in a region for example head and neck- then 40 items from nerves by dr. so and so, 30 items osteology from another prof- there are 4 in all, with recall type questions like enumeration, identification, fill in the blanks, and morse type and essay.  The exams for Histology, Physio etc are given by their specific departments. Hay... Anyways we all agreed kahit saan, bugbog sarado talaga lahat ng med students basing on the sheer volume of information that needs to be absorbed.  So enjoy muna habang sem break!  They will go back to Cebu after All soul's day.

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