Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Canigao Dreaming

      What I miss about Canigao the most is the peace and quiet.  I think that distinguishes it from all other beaches I've been to- Boracay and Puerto Galera are so noisy, Samar is a little too isolated that all you'd hear are either crickets or the roaring Pacific.  Canigao faces Bohol and Cebu so the sea is placid.

     It was my first time to sleep under the stars, and boy there were a lot of them.  Reminded me when I was 7 and we visited the Planetarium on a field trip.  When you lay on the sand, the waters calm and glimmering from luminous creatures that lurk in the shallow waters, the sky above is a blanket of a thousand stars.  The moon is so large it almost looks artificial- inside your tent you might mistake it for a spotlight.  At a distance, the mainland lights shimmer across the water.

    I was really smitten by this island and the people of Matalom who takes care of their treasure.  They are very organized, very polite to visitors.  The communal showers and comfort rooms are clean and available 24 hours a day for those who live on rented tents (200-300 per night depending on the size).  There are Tourist rooms (fan rooms) with its own toilet and bath at 1,500 a night but the electricity in the island is only from 6pm to 12 midnight.  I say, tent accommodations are better.

    The snorkeling and diving areas still have a variety of corals and fishes to catch one's interest (there is a sanctuary on the island), while the swimming areas are shallow which allow young children to frolic.  There are stores and canteens at the center of the island that sell essentials and cooked meals.  For who prefer to grill fresh seafood (which locals sell at very reasonable prices) they also have designated areas.  For safety reasons, they do not allow bonfires so it is ideal for tourists to bring lamps and also mosquito repellents.  Overall Canigao gives the best island experience in Leyte- and the cheapest! Imagine, including transportation, food, accommodations- we spent only 630 pesos each (inclusive of driver's wages already).  The eight of us only added Php 100 more for a side trip to Maasin City- the capital of Southern Leyte for a visit to other attractions.

Underwater shots.

Simple living.
Hope next time I get to stay not just overnight but a little longer.  I miss the peace and quiet, and the soothing waters of Canigao...

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