Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 30 Great Things about Turning 30

30. Your skin is not as oily as it was when you were a teenager.

29. You don't need to show an ID to watch R18 films in the movie theater. Ha!

28. You've stopped trying to please everybody.

27. You laugh silently when you see younger people do the same bloopers you did in youth.

26. You can actually have lunch by yourself and not feel self-conscious.

25. You can run errands without having to bother other people to accompany you (because back in college you and your batchmates moved in hordes).

24. You can make decisions and stand by it.

23. You're no longer easily intimidated by people.

22. You can voice out your opinion with conviction.

21. You've made peace with your flaws and learned to live with them.

20. You've developed a great sense of humor from having been through so much crap.

19. You dress better than you did in your early twenties.

18. You know the location of every major city in the world map... I think.

17. You can listen to the news and not be bored.

16. You can pretend to listen to that pesky neighbor of yours making small talk and appear as if you are following the conversation.

15. You know how to haggle.

14. You actually go and see art films and read classic literature you once ignored in your teens.

13. You can hold your drink.

12. You are finally moving forward, career-wise.

11. You want to settle down. Or you may already be building your own family by now.

and counting down the top ten...

10. You know when to pick your battles.

9. You know that looks aren't everything.

8. You know how relationships work.

7. You know that family are the ones who will be there for you when you're sick on a hospital bed.

6. You treasure your closest friends and consider them family.

5. You've learned to be more generous and compassionate with people who have been less than fortunate.

4. You know that money isn't everything.

3. You know that having a partner for life and growing old together is the most romantic thing.

2. You've learned to sacrifice for the ones you love.

1. You've learned to forgive and let go of past hurts. And you know how to look forward to the future still full of untainted hopes, and you know how to back it up with hard work.

I never thought I'd say this, but its good to be thirty! 


Mac Callister said...

i could totally relate! lalo yun ok lang na kumain mag isa,nun bata ako feeling ko loser ako pag solo ako nakain hahaha

Vitori Vita said...

Happy for all your learning... Hope Id be as wise when I turn 30, 5 years from now... =) But I wont hurry... I'll just wait for it...

Nice post! =)

Vitori Vita said...

The earlier comment was mine... hahaha!!! Too bad Im still 25 and I pressed enter prior to typing the link to my blog... HAHAHA!!!

my-so-called-Quest said...

30? really thad?
mukhang 2o something lang :D

Happy birthday!

Thad said...

@Mac Callister: oo nga, haha now when people look strangely when I'm eating alone I just give them a look that says "get over it" LOL

@Vitori Vita: yup, better to develop your own brand of wisdom :-)

@my so called quest: Yeah, pero in 2 months pa naman hehe just prepping myself up :-)

Lasherations said...

Maybe that's the reason why I still feel like 22! Haha!

Mr. Brightside said...

I'm a 30-year old living in a 23-year old's body =D


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