Friday, September 24, 2010

Godspeed Batch Chrysoberyl

This week ko la natapos an akon mga cases, and han Friday ko la natapos pagpasign. Grabe talaga yesterday kay my head was still literally spinning as I walked the steps to PRC mga 4PM with my papers, imagine I have been up since 3am that day- I travelled to Ormoc para magpa-sign han Nurse Supervisor who happened to be night shift, then wait till past 8 para magpa-sign ha Chief Nurse,after that sakay hin van back to Tacloban straight to Bethany, then to EVRMC magpa-sign kan Ma'am Darang then wait for an hour for the Chief Nurse pero direcho nala anay school para magpa-sign han the rest na kailangan an signatures, then back again ha EVRMC, then finally to PRC that very same afternoon. Nakakaon ako han akon lunch 6:45PM na ha balay, an ak breakfast mga 9:00AM ha van nag-takeout la.

I've always been very vocal, I guess it's no surprise I'm writing this. I'm expressing myself partly in the vernacular para may emphasis na seryoso talaga ak. These are the things I'd like to say:

1. Para han akon mga batchmates, gogogo la guys! Duty la kun duty, be agresssive and explore all avenues. Leave all that resentment behind, sure dire na mababalik an three weeks na nawara, sure dako na it pressure yana pero just concentrate in completing those cases. Now is not the time to dwell on blame game, now is the time for SOLUTIONS. May two weeks pa kita.

Han akon pagpasign, both han new, revised new (LOL yes, natapos ko pati adto pagpasign tanan!), ngan finally an old form I've encountered students from different schools in the region. Dire la ha pan-okray ha iba, pero I know you guys very well since we all studied together the past four years, dako talaga it potential hit aton batch. I sort of have a radar for this, and I know we are not supposed to be make quick judgements but part of strategy is sizing up the opponents, but for the record I wish them well :-) It's like this- more or less the board exam makes use of percentile ranking, hard to explain here but let's just say the passing rate will be affected by the highest and the lowest scores- it is not always na super gin follow talaga nira to the letter na 75 it passing out of the hundred items because this is adjusted accordingly to the difficulty of the exam which manifests in the scores of the examinees. What I'm trying to say is, if your test-taking skills and knowledge is above average, and you belong to the upper group of all the examinees, dako an chance na mapasar ka talaga. And again I'm not saying that this is definitive because this is just a gut feel (but in my 29 years my gut feel rarely missed), dako an chance han Chrysoberyl na maupay an result. And when I look left and right, bisan pa diin na review center mayda talaga may potential mayda magtop, God-willing.

Why I'm saying this? It is because I see the potential and that must be DEVELOPED. I really wish our batch well, sorry kun "I love my own" pero I really believe that if MANAGED WELL, we could really bring out the best in ourselves. Ultimately in the end, depende iton ha individual on how DETERMINED they are in making it. That's the first point I'd like to make- be self-motivated. Well, wouldn't hurt if other people encourage you from time to time too :-) PRAY. Yana, kailangan gud naton hin miracle, not just for our sake but for the sake of our loved ones who sacrificed para mapa-skwela kita. Let us help each other, as in bulig-buligay nala ini after all kun maupay an result ha board exam everybody wins.

2. Salamat han tanan na nagbulig para maka-case la. Mayda mga CI na sobra it concern para ha mga students thank you talaga!!! You know who you are and thanks for helping us at this time na kailangang-kailangan talaga namon hin suporta from our mentors. Salamat han mga accommodating han pag-sign. Maaram kami na super inconvenient ngan almost annoying na sometimes pero these signatures are required by PRC, ngan usa pa you guys know also what our batch has been through the past three weeks. Apiki na talaga, we have to rush everything- in fact this month should have been devoted for studying for the board na. For most have us halos twice kami nag-utro, imagine nala han pagpa-sign mga NOD, supervisors, ngan chief nurses, makarima-dima talaga. So pasensya la, ngan thank you hin madamo. Like what Dr.Lim said, where else would we ask for help but from our own? After all, we carry the good name of the school and we are on the same team.

3. I do not mean to cause any trouble for anyone. I'm reasonably patient, and if actions are justified adequately I respect them, pero kun at this point na hataas hin duro it stress nga papakurian pa kami nga diri justified ngan diri reasonable, then you can definitely count on me to seek justice. If we lost precious time because of unjustified reasons, that someone should be held answerable for that. Waray personalan, this isn't about personality, its about professional behavior and as the two lawyers said to me I raised very valid, academic concerns. If anything, I have the right to free speech and express the factual narrative of all the events. Sorry la talaga, but I can't just let things like this happen and let it pass- otherwise it would just continue. In the first place, kun justified mo tanan imo gin buhat I suppose you have nothing to worry about.

Just wanted to emphasize again, I believe so much han potential han aton batch. Let's help each other para makatapos na and concentrate on the review. Para han amon mga schoolmates please pray for us, because prayer helps a lot :-) Thanks gihap in advance. Having been through these trials makes me realize all the more how much I value the license. Guys, do you best. Do it for your family- an nagsacrifice hin bonggang-bongga para paka-graduate ka la hin Nursing, do it for the school to bring honor, do it for God because that would be your gift to Him, and do it for yourself- you've worked hard the past four years and now is the defining transition from student nurse to professional. Godspeed batch Chrysoberyl! I'll always be proud of you guys no matter what :-)


DENASE said...

First off, congratulations to the batch Chrysoberyl! Your batch made a gigantic impact to the history of the school. And that's a hell kind of achievement. since I'm also a scholastican, I'm also proud of what you got .

Goodluck ha iyo!

DENASE said...

Congrats again!

Thad said...

@DENASE: Thanks so much schoolmate :-) Please pray for us. By the way I linked your blog, keep on writing! I'm always glad to meet Taclobanon bloggers- a Scholastican at that :-)

DENASE said...

really I'm also glad to meet tacloban bloggers. :)


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