Monday, August 30, 2010

Old and New PRC Forms St. Scholastica's College

Click on the links. You may download the forms in MS Word. Regarding the new form, this is based on what the College Secretary gave me- this has yet to be perused by the Dean. On August 31, Ms. Dado, Ms. Dagsa and Ms. Amores will be going to the office to show this form for final approval. Please visit the college if you have further inquiries. Thanks Grandslam Batch, future Board Top Notchers!


cant_u_read said...

Hi Thadie!

I am no longer in your blogroll, but I do hope I haven't been forgotten. Anyway, I am helping out a friend on a big blogging project, and I thought you might be interested..

Check it out:

Hoping to hear from you soon! Nice to be back!


Thad said...

Hi Rye, thanks for reminding me. With so many changes I've made in the blog design some widgets were removed like my old blogroll. Thanks for posting the entry, sounds interesting!


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