Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Meeting someone from high school automatically activates my instinct for comparing our life’s trajectory. There are always a few surprises- the most demure girl turned out to be the first among us to become a parent, the homely guy in the back unexpectedly turned into a good-looking eligible bachelor, and one of the brightest in our class quit med school to pursue a different career path. The irresistible question would suddenly pop out unbidden from my mouth, “So are you happy with your life?”

Some would answer, some would only shrug. If you ask me, one of the most precocious students back in the days, I’d say- “I’m doing okay.” My life had always been work in progress, and maybe it’s true, no one can say they’ve lived in complete and consistent state of bliss. Without discontent, we’d stop moving forward. Without disappointments we’d never introspect and correct what went wrong. Without goodbyes we can never move on to new chapters in our lives. Priorities change, people change.

So what’s in store for us ahead? How far we go in life is entirely up to us. Many people head for the stars with no intent to sweat it out, and often they stay in exactly the same place where they started. Dreams often remain dreams unless actualized with hard work.

In any case, we all have the capacity for happiness. That’s the point isn’t it? No one except ourselves can define what it is that brings us fulfillment and bliss. And so we learn to cope, to enjoy, and to aspire to be more and live our flawed lives the best we can.

17 October 2009
Tacloban City


rudeboy said...

"Meeting someone from high school automatically activates my instinct for comparing our life’s trajectory."

I can so relate to this. It's like Romy and Michele's High School Reunionmeets The Big Chill sometimes. I once read somewhere that if grades are the basis for achievement while we're in school, out there in the workplace, income becomes the yardstick of success.

I like that part where you liken your life to a work in progress. There's always the next phase, isn't there? I share your perspective on happiness, as well: it's unrealistic to expect it to be available on tap.

Hence, "I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content." Maybe not all the time, but enough to not be chronically unhappy.

Many thanks for the insightful post.

Thadie said...

@rudeboy: Always welcome :-)I linked your blog

Jaypee of said...

love the new header!!


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