Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learn to Fly

Following the conclusion of our 1st semester, I was able to finish the unedited manuscript for Learn to Fly. I hope the production is done by November, this time the dimensions are smaller- 4x5 inches only with 123 pages. The target is that the SRP is only Php 100 so ordinary students can afford it.

Sa kakulitan ko, I've asked McVie for a foreword para makadagdag ng credibility haha! Joke, actually sa mga gustong magbigay ng review I can send the PDF file. Reminder,di pa tapos ang pad-edit nito so be kind. May short feedback form lang that you have to accomplish so I can make improvements sa font size/style for example, or which articles to include, etc. Thanks in advance to those interested (kindly give me your e-mail address please, where I can send the PDF file).

May konting feeling ako na may bloopers, pero like my friend always says, "Go lang ng go!" Eh di go!


dell said...

may i? ollednewairoliv@yahoo.com

Thadie said...

@dell: Sure :-) sent it na

Anonymous said...
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Thadie said...

@ Anonymous: Really? That would be a great help, actually I've been looking for a new editor because the one for the previous book is no longer connected with Leyte Normal Univ.

I've forwarded the PDF file via email, let me know if there's a specific format you want me to sent but Adobe Indesign exports PDF files which I guess are universal since every computer has that software. Thank you again!

Thadie said...

@ Anonymous: just an update.. there seems to be an error with the e-mail address :-) kindly confirm

Thadie said...

@ Anonymous: I withheld your email address here as requested. Thanks again for taking a look at the manuscript. I've been making small changes recently based on the feedback I got from those who reviewed it and I also added a postscript. If you need to get in touch you can reach me through e-mail or facebook.

Once again a million thanks for the help. Minsan naduduling na ako kakatingin ng manuscript a third party review is always best so errors won't be overlooked... Have a great weekend.

By the way, are you here in Pinas or abroad? emails daw with .ca come from Canada :-)


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