Saturday, April 4, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

Middle earth? It's just UP Dil.
Hidden Valley.
Melchor Hall- where the College of Architecture used to be (before we had our own building).
Last duty at NICU, before the Cebu affiliation.
Snippets of my week in photos- a short breather after the finale of a tumultuous third year and the impending Psychiatric ward duty. A few hours from now I'll be dragging my obese suitcase to school for the assembly.

I've got butterflies thinking of the next two weeks- no internet access (prohibited, besides I don't think we'll have time), no nights out, new dorm, new patients... But it's a good scare- the kind that challenges one to adapt to new situations shake one out of complacency.

Bring it on! Haha, just please don't give me a violent patient ;-) Thanks for the visit, in the meantime I hope the archives can entertain you for a while. Carpe diem, my friend!


mink said...

Goodluck Friendship!!!!

Yakang yaka yan!

Brian Shane said...

Will miss you.
Good luck!!!!

Mugen said...

When you return to writing, expect us still, here following you. :) Break a leg!

MewFanatic said...

@ Mink, Brian Shane, Mugen: Thanks guys that makes me so happy!! = )


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