Sunday, January 18, 2009


Anonymous said...
r u gay dude?i read ur book...its so scandalous...most of the story i read on your book were intercourse of a gay and male...wats that?omg!!!!

Thanks to this guy, I got my gears working again. First off, to answer your question: yes, I’m gay. Second: my book isn’t about sex. In fact, there are only about 4 out of the 42 articles and stories had sex interwoven into them (I counted). Allow me to clarify what the book is about- The Private Exhibitionist is an attempt to elucidate the phenomenon of personal blogging through a blogger’s point of view.
The vignettes, anecdotes, and stories aim to entertain, and beyond that, give readers glimpses of the life of a young gay guy growing up and living in a conservative society. The first book City Girl Gets Trapped in the Boondocks and Other Stories sold out its first printing- so we went ahead and produced the second book, intended for the same audience, hoping that it would appeal to the same market.

I’ve encountered a predicament months ago, as I was going through the final stages of editing- I realized I was risking overexposure by divulging extremely personal experiences. Should I go ahead and reveal myself for the sake of, gulp, reader's entertainment? Unlike City Girl, which was light and generally a mishmash of concocted tales, the second book is a lot closer to home. I’ve kept myself awake for nights, thinking about how people would react- those who know me (or think they know me), and strangers who would read the book. Thad Hinunangan, now open for judgement and criticism!

But then again, I remind myself that first and foremost it is just an attempt to write creatively. The readers shouldn’t take it as “historical records” because at times, I embellish or stretch stories a little bit. The mood and message are always apparent, but in an attempt to achieve maximum dramatic disclosure- I needed to spice it up a little bit by peppering it with exciting add-ons. And hey, just because I wrote about a funny incident of a one night stand doesn't mean I do that on a regular basis! Dude, you need a little bit of humor and an open mind, otherwise you can put the book down.

So we’ve established: 1) the book is a reading material intended for a certain audience, and a reminder: they aren't necessarily autobiographical accounts, and 2) it may offend sensibilities of less mature readers. But the latter, I figure, is not my problem.


Mugen said...

You have your own niche market, and as far as I'm concerned, I'd recommend yours a good read anytime. ^_^

Phoenix said...

@ Mugen: seryoso? Thanks Mugen ; )

dabo said...

hahaha.. kailangan nya ng reality check..

he used the word scandalous though..kahilera mo na sina marilyn monroe and britney hehe

Emotionally Sloppy said...

hey do you have books on display in tacloban?

joelmcvie said...

OMG, Thadie! Dude, it's like, even from the way he, like, wrote his comment, like, he doesn't deserve your time and effort, dude!


Phoenix said...

@ Dabo: corrected by! ahehe Kamusta friend?

@ Emotionally Sloppy: Yup! Adto ha RH Bookstore, Leyte Paperworld (and bag-o ha Del Pilar St.), ngan ha Le Ann's Bookclub. Hehe I hope it does well. Palit ha ; )

@ Mcvie: Haha ok lang yun. I hope this would be the last your-so-scandalous comment ; )

beejing said...


where can I get your books'copies?

can you please email me...;)

Beejing said...

Hi Thad,

I'm sorry for the typo. It should be


Elyong said...

Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may book ka pala.. interesado tuloy ako.. saan ko ba makikita yan at makabili.. affordable ba?

I'll be in Tacloban pero sa February pa.

Phoenix said...

Hello npo! It's available for 250 at RH Bookstore, Leyte Paperworld (Del Pilar St.), & Le Ann's Bookclub.


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