Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Like it Hot

Spices have been an essential ingredient to cooking since time immemorial. It is said that the earliest evidence of the use of spice by humans dates back thousands of years before Christ. A spice may be a seed, root, or bark which have been dried and added to food to enhance flavor, add color, or even to function as a preservative.

Luckily, people need not travel great distances, or follow the spice trade to get a pinch of cinnamon or perhaps visit India to get a bit of curry powder. Spices are now available at local convenience stores, grocery stores, or even could be ordered online with just a few clicks of a button.

Among the most popular of these spices is sweet paprika. Paprika is a spice made by grinding Capsicum annuum (or in plain English, bell peppers or chili peppers). This particular seasoning is used in many cuisines to add color and flavor. Paprika can range from sweet, which is very mild, to spicy.

Colors may range from deep bright red color (the mildest), pale red color (with aroma and a bit of pungency), and light brown (which is the spiciest). Paprika is a quintessential ingredient in preparation of sausages, like in the Spanish chorizo. Enjoy the flavors of the world through the different spices!


ardee sean said...

ei thad, love hot and spicy foods :) how's u pala? i got new address pala, just click on my name. i'll keep posted pa din on blog for personal stuffs pero yun baka mas gamitin ko yung new address ko.. cheers!

Thad said...

Hi Ardee,

Naku chika lang 'to haha. I'll link your blog :-)


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