Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fine Things

From left to right: Aeropostale casual leather bracelet, Guess men's watch 5 ATM, Gucci formal watch, Valentino square silver watch, Seiko chronograph.

Forgive me, but this is an indulgence I don't feel guilty of. Since I was young I loved timepieces- my first was a plastic Casio watch my father gave me. Here are my favorite things and the story behind them:
Aeropostale: this oversize watch (na ngayon ay parang kinakalawang na) is my brother Ted's. He left it when he last visited from the US, ergo akin na lang haha!
Guess: Can you believe it? I found this diver's watch by accident!! Pero ayun na-karma ako, a few days later I lost my phone sa tricycle. Nevertheless nagamit ko ito when we went diving sa Coron.
Gucci: Again my brother's. He thought Mama took it- medyo manipis kasi at nice daw yung bracelet. Yun pala naiwan lang sa bahay namin. Alams na. He decided to give it to me (as if may choice pa) nyahahaha
Valentino: Resembled the first watch I bought myself from my first paycheck. Eto ata bagay na shape at design sa akin- square, white yung face, at silver. Yung binili ko five years ago sira na, yung sunod na binili ko binigay ko kay Papa, so eto ngayon yung mura na version. Pero love ko naman- brings back memories ahihi
Seiko: Useful pag nag-laps sa pool o nag-check ng gtts ng IV fluid. Bigay uli ni Ted. Bait talaga ng kapatid ko hehe


crystal_farmer said...

check out pieces from skagen, which i believe are made in denmark. they're not as expensive as some of these, but they ARE paper-thin and awesome.

mink said...

hindi ako mahilig sa relos but you have a fine ccollection there. penge isa...


Mac Callister said...

wow ang galing naman you still have your old watches bakit di ko naisip itabi yun akin dati hehe

Emotionally Sloppy said...

if swatch watch were made in croatia would it be named crotch?

..Ok that was lame must have heard it somewhere.. =)

Yffar (^^,) said...


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Phoenix said...

@ crystal_farmer: I'll check them out when I get to Manila.. wala ata yun sa Tacloban. Thanks for the tip!

@ mink: ang yaman mo na friendship yakang-yaka mo magcollection dyan! hehe

@ Mac Callister: Yeah, wag mong itapon - sentimental value ; ) Thanks for the visit po!

@ Emotionally Sloppy: Hehe good one!

Emotionally Sloppy said...

im sorry but im gonna go back to the croth thing. I can't help it. I was walking earlier today and I couldn't get it off my mind. The possibilities if swatch was crotch.... endless...

Can I see your crotch?

Ohhhh nice crotch. can I touch it?

Ohh what a cute crotch...

There, just had to get that out of my system. =)


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