Saturday, February 7, 2009


These were from the recent exhibit that I spearheaded- all original photos from our community exposure. Our concept was to use photos that accurately depict what students do in the community (in dramatic black and white, sans the Friendster-intended pics lol!)- and we hope our exhibit, printed in A3 photopaper displayed in a Filipiniana or native design (using banig, bamboo, etc.)- will make a good impression to visitors. Many thanks to every single one of my classmates who helped- we did a great job guys!


Mugen said...

Nice! Mamimiss mo yang mga ganyang events after mo matapos ang school. Suddenly I'm being bombarded by memories from college.

scholasas said...

Char!='D heheh

Grabe, tinalbugan mo talaga ang ibang mga exhibit.

good job! kinarer mo talaga...

Team leader ka nga talaga.

hands down...

wish I were like you, soon...heheh

Ora et Labora!

see u 2m!='D


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