Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Hop, Skip, and Tilt towards Nutsville

Once, I swore an oath to minimize whining, especially in forums where my sentiments would be made public, so as to appear “mature” and “grown up”. But I reasoned, however, that today would be an exception.

My dusty old Dell laptop has temporarily ceased functioning, so I found myself sitting in an internet café, taking a break from my books, to catch up. My unread e-mail has reached hundreds- mostly from suspicious sounding names asking me if I wanted to increase the size of my “lovetool”. I mindlessly click the delete button with the enthusiasm of maniac high on crack. When was the last time I made a decent entry on my blog that wasn’t a repost? I cursed myself silently. The problem when one gets engrossed in thousands of pages of textbooks, reading and reviewing twenty plus chapters in a few days time- one’s creative juices diminish. Often I am left exhausted, with my mind blank. So much for attempts at creative or expository writing.

On the bright side, I did get passing marks (sometimes a little better) in my Unit Exams. Imagine, sometimes in four out of the six sections, no one would get a passing mark at all. The last OB exam we had, the word was that in Section A (where students with GWA of 1.8 or higher are in) only three out of eleven papers that were checked so far passed. I was one of the lucky ones, but a passing mark is never a reason for complacency so we continue to toil and burrow our faces in readings. Nowadays my friends and I keep a nightly vigil in some 24 hour fastfood place in downtown Tacloban to review for the Midterms.

Why is it always one or the other? Obviously the days of four blog entries in a single sitting were long gone, and it’s either a choice between reading and passing, or blogging and failing. I have about a third of the material for the second book I’ve been preparing, but to this day they’ve gone no further than a quick print for impromptu proofreading with friends.

Maybe I’m still paying my dues. Magkano pa kaya ang balance ko? Charing! Oh well, I better wrap up my internet break.



Mugen said...

I'm glad you're back. Break a leg on your exams.

mink said...

this post has been delayed too much... hehe

at least na update kaming mga fans mo sa buhay mo


go for gold!

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I'm sort of in a good mood to read right now. Oh, no, not books. I meant: Blog entries. This one, so far, and believe it or not, I can greatly relate to. Oh, yes, this simple entry, I know. Keep blogging, once in awhile, doesn't matter, and I hope, from today, that I will always have this good mood to browse around people's thoughts and ponder like one appreciative simple creature. :)

dabo said...

heyyy thaddie don't pressure yourself when it comes to writing..

sabi nung book na binabasa ko..ang pagsusulat daw is a love-hate na relationship.. pero di ka nito iiwan..

prioritize what you deem is important.. and do that.


dabo said...

at salamat sa advice..

daniel said...

the dell laptop temporarily ceased...what does it mean? software problem?

ardee sean said...

how's thaddie.. dumaan lang at mangungumusta :P

Lance said...

what happened to your DELL? i work for dell tech support.. call 1-800-822-8965, maybe we can help you... hhehehe

Phoenix said...

@ mugen: Thanks ; ) I do hope to get good scores hehe

@ mink: oo nga.. sana bakasyon na so I can catch up with you guys

@ reyville: Thanks dude = ) I'll also find time to read

@ dabo: welcome ; )

@ daniel and lance: its a two year old laptop.. inspiron b130, nothing was wrong with it, i had the battery replaced, tapos later on yung cord naman nya yung nasira. medyo mabagal lang ngayon cguro dahil marami ng programs.. thanks guys, i'll call that number when i need help = )

@ ardee: ok lang po. kamusta ka?


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