Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dean's List Mom

The first thing on my mind, when I wake up in the morning, is to go over the tasks to be done for the day. I gather dry wood for the makeshift stove and boil water in the kettle for my coffee.

It is still a few moments before dawn, and I continue with my household tasks. I pick up a measuring cup and fill it to the brim with rice grains from a container. Four cups. That’s enough for my husband, my two children, and me.

I iron my uniform and hang it at the back of the door as I prepare for my bath. By 6:00 am I’m ready to leave the house. I take a quick peek at my sleeping children before I quietly let myself out the front door.

On the hour-and-a-half jeepney ride to Tacloban, I try to read and review the concepts for the day’s discussion. I arrive in school with barely minutes to spare as my first class begins.

The hours pass quickly as the day, full of lectures, quizzes, researches, projects, and return demonstrations, turns to dusk. My spirits are already flagging, my body, exhausted. I take in new assignments and new requirements to be accomplished in a couple of day’s time.

As I make my way home, just before I reach the jeepney stop, I go over the things that still need to be done: cook supper, feed the children, clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and study.

It was already dark when I arrived in our town. The street lights cast a warm glow to our little home as I walk past the gate and opened the front door.


I was greeted by the biggest grins from two little boys. Relief washed over me- I was home, and I was reminded what I’m working so hard for. I put down my books and gave my sons a big hug.


Mugen said...

Short and sweet. I'm glad you made an appearance. :)

MINK said...

its as if i was reading my inays thoughts...

it seems like yesterday that we were running through the field just to take the first glance on our inay for her to hug us and give the candy that she always bring home... teary eyed na ako neto thad ha...
and now is the time for the sons to make her smile

miss you friendship and i know youre very happy jan sa pinas...

wish you and ur beau the best things in life...

mwah mwah

Phoenix said...

@ mugen: thanks joms, grabe i miss you guys and i miss blogging! = )

@ mink: thanks friendship! wish you and your loved ones all the happiness in the world! muah!

pepe M. said...

very emotional! can relate talaga!
hey im so glad your back and that too with your new guy! kilig ako!

hugs buddy..

Looking For The Source said...

nice post..

makes me remember my mom. love my mom.


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