Friday, January 13, 2012

The Sick Role

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our limitations just catches up with us.  Yesterday, during Histology laboratory I had to go home and ask for a prescription of Tramadol 50mg from our professor for severe abdominal pain.  Well, it started in the morning- a dull ache, a four, in a pain scale of one to ten.  It escalated and finally reached an eight on the pain scale and I couldn't help but grimace from the pain.  This is not the first time this happened to me, the first time was after a hike in Hidden Valley, the second time was in November 2010, weeks prior to the board exam.

The symptoms were the same-  abdominal pain on the left upper quadrant, no fever, Urinalysis returned normal results with no elevated WBC, an abdominal ultrasound revealed normal condition of the kidneys and ureters, non-distended bowel, and vital signs normal.  I was given analgesic for the pain, and eventually the pain disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared.  Maybe it was just stress.

Now, I'm experiencing the same symptoms and plan to go to the hospital tomorrow for another round of laboratory work-ups.  It's just bad timing- my nephew is also sick in the hospital, the weather here is always raining and threatening to flood just like it did last year- and the carpenter/ mason I hired just informed me earlier they won't be able to work tomorrow but on Sunday instead (we needed to flood-proof our home the soonest possible time), I have three exams next week- Anatomy theoretical and moving exam on Thorax, Biochemistry quiz on nucleotides chapters 32-38, and Physiology, and I missed the meeting with the Alumni who is supporting the motion for the school publication.
I can't be sick!  I need to be strong to run this household and fulfill my goals, so message to my body, and my plea to God is to help me resume normal health.  We're going to rise from these trials, I am sure of that.

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