Friday, January 28, 2011

Binibini Bets (Part II)

Grendel Alvarado
Winner of Philippine's Next Top Model. Exotic looks with great catwalk.
Bianca Paz - 5’6.25” / 112 lbs / 34-27-35.5
Stylish and determined... Bad nose job, she should have it done.
Janine Tugonon
Current Miss UST.
Jen Olivar
Runner-up of Philippines Next Top Model.
Glennifer Perido
This lovely lady is a standout in a sea of beauties.
Queenierich Rehman - 5’7” / 110 lbs / 33-24-33
I think she did a beatbox number as her talent. One of my bets for the
MU crown- she has the personality and looks to match.
Dianne Necio - 5’5.5” / 116 lbs / 33-24.5-36
1st runner-up during Venus' batch- she's back "to win the crown" she quipped.
These are the rest of the girls to complete my top 24:
Jane Hidalgo

Krystle Ann Grant
Samantha Purvor
Angelia Ong
Jen Roe Gubat

Looks like this batch is really strong. Right now the Miss Universe standards appear to be modelesque girls with fierce moves and a sweet face. We should send a rep with height of at least 5'7 (tiny girls won't get noticed in the land of the Glamazons!), a natural beauty (you know what I mean- it's ok to have work done but not extreme), a bangin' body like Venus with a waistline of 23 or less, this is Brazil so they also appreciate bootilicious girls. Most of all, eloquence during Q & A, sex appeal and the ability to switch from vixen to sweet girl at a blink of an eye, right Ximena?

Photo credits:Mabuhay Beauties, Missosology, OPMB, and Binibining Pilipinas

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