Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beyonce Should Quit After Watching this DIVA

"She would've heard all the warning creaks and cracks coming from the coffee table if she hadn't been trying to belt out that generic R&B power ballad. " --silenceiseasy85


my-so-called-Quest said...

maganda naman yung boses! :D
akala ko pa naman she danced single ladies! hehe

Thad said...

@my so called quest: ok na sana nawala lang poise ng lola hahaha

Mac Callister said...

aray ko!hahaha

ardee sean said...

thaddie, i'm almost done with my other blog.. palink din hehe.. i placed you on my 'I LIKE' links below my blog and tagged as FRIENDSHIP.. check mo nalng..

Thad said...

@Ardee: Congrats! Naks naman hehe cge I'll check it out


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