Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have Pen, Will Travel

The thing I love most about wayfaring is getting to see yourself in a completely different environment. Every sight seems interesting, every turn unexpected, even the people you meet exude an aura of mystery about them. And who knew I had the guts to go spelunking, or diving in a thermal lake, or that, on the rough road to Sulangan, a cove opens to reveal the most breathtaking view of the Pacific?

The experience itself is fleeting, and maybe that’s what gives it its appeal to me. After all, we cannot have two “first times”, and that warrants us to live the first experience like there’s no tomorrow. No sight is as particularly unforgettable as the first time you set eyes on it, and in the same manner, no visit as bittersweet as your last. Anything in between resembles nothing more than mere routine.

So this leaves me in constant search for new places, and new chances to be happy. Coincidentally, it is also only in the inconstancy of life do I find myself inspirited to scribble. Inasmuch as life is a process of learning and about new discoveries, I eagerly await, with pen in hand, to chronicle adventures in unexpected places I find myself in, in months and years to come.


Man of the Rose said...

Hi Thadie,
Happy Anniversary sa iyong blog. I guess you are enjoying your travel at the moment. Any chance of visiting me here in Bangkok? Take care.

Phoenix said...

@ Man of the Rose: Thanks C! Haha wala pang budget local travel lang muna :-)


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